Get Rasta at the Miami Reggae Festival

Miami Reggae Festival 2013
On November 23rd, ten bands from around the world will converse in Miami’s Peacock Park to perform a series of reggae songs at the Miami Reggae Festival. Among those playing will be internationally renowned artists Stephen “Ragga” Marley, Natiruts, Midnite, Black Slate & Carroll Johnson, and Bachoco. This festival is a musical tribute to peace and parallels the 1970s with its “go with the flow” mood. Not only does this festival feature great music, but it also offers yoga, arts and crafts, and a variety of food (which obviously includes jerk chicken). Also, by going, you’d be helping to a variety of charities ranging from local environmental activist organizations to international hunger prevention organizations. So drive down to the Miami Reggae Festival this Saturday, and listen to some great music for an awesome cause! For more information, visit:   Harvest Festival On November 23rd and November 24th, Miami will be hosting the Miami Harvest Festival from 8 am to 6 pm. If you’re looking for a way to dive into the seasons, stop by the Miami-Dade Expo House.  The Harvest festival celebrates the joy of Thanksgiving in a family-oriented environment.  The festival features a variety of activities, ranging from a sports car show to a "cutest baby contest", to ensure that no one will be bored.  I look forward to spending spending Thanksgiving munching on some homemade chocolates, looking at some beautiful cars, and petting a motley of cute animals at the Harvest Festival in Miami. For more information, visit: