Jacob Singer: Emory Baseball Commit

Jacob Singer: Emory Baseball Commit

Jacob Singer is enjoying his final season as a PC athlete.
Current PC senior Jacob Singer will be attending Emory University in the fall, as he has committed to play baseball there. I decided to sit down with him and learn a little bit about his passion for the sport.  T1: When did you start playing baseball? Singer: I started playing baseball (teeball) when I was three years old. T1: Was baseball always your favorite sport? Singer: Yes, I could never imagine myself not playing this sport. T1: When did you realize you wanted to play college baseball? Singer: I always knew that I would need baseball in my life for as long as possible and that I was capable of playing at the next level, but it wasn't until my junior year of high school that I realized schools were demonstrating a real interest in me. T1: What is your favorite hobby aside from playing baseball? Singer: I really love fishing and I frequently travel to the Keys and the Everglades to catch some fish! T1: Do you look forward to the transition from high school to collegiate athlete? Singer: Yes, I am excited to have the chance to compete in the Division 3 World Series and to form new bonds with new teammates. I take great pride in being a student athlete because I feel that a busy schedule keeps me focused and enables me to complete any task. T1: How is the current baseball season looking? Singer: I think anyone who has been following the team knows that there is something different about it this year. As a team, we are preaching unity and brotherhood above all else. There's a sense of urgency and a buzz around the team that I haven't felt in any of my other three years on varsity. It also doesn't hurt that we have some great players. We are currently sitting at 7-1 and 4-0 in the district and we have a long way to go, but we remain focused on one game at a time. T1: What is your favorite thing about baseball? Singer: I love baseball because, mentally, it may be the hardest sport. Being able to accept failure seven out of ten times is without a doubt the greatest challenge. I love that this game has given me the ability to stay positive in the face of adversity. T1: How often do you train? Singer: Baseball never really has an offseason. During the summer and the fall, I typically train three to four times a week. When the three month season rolls around in spring, I tend to focus more on recovery work and taking care of my body. T1: Do you have a message to any younger students that are thinking about playing college sports? Singer: I think younger students thinking about playing at the next level should understand that their time in high school goes by really quickly, and while it is important to focus on your future and work hard to achieve your goals, it is just as important to enjoy your time as a high school athlete. I say this because these past four years have been the most enjoyable years of my life so far.