PC Baseball Star Sam Wurth Takes Lehigh University

PC Baseball Star Sam Wurth Takes Lehigh University

Sam proudly signs his commitment papers to play baseball at Lehigh University. (via Armando Leighton)
A few weeks ago, I sat down with Lehigh University baseball commit Sam Wurth, and I learned all about this PC senior's love for baseball.  T1: When did you start playing baseball? Wurth: I started playing competitively in 5th grade. T1: Was baseball always your favorite sport? Wurth: No, I really loved basketball growing up. Baseball didn't take over until around 8th grade. T1: When did you realize you wanted to play college baseball? Wurth: Tenth grade was the year I decided to only play baseball. At that point, I knew that was what I wanted to do at the next level if I could get there. T1: What is your favorite hobby aside from playing baseball? Wurth: Playing the piano. T1:Do you look forward to the transition from being a high school to collegiate athlete? Wurth: Of course I do. My next 4 years are going to be incredible. T1: How is the upcoming baseball season looking? Wurth: We have solid pitching and a solid coaching staff with good defense- we should be able to do well this year. T1: What is your favorite thing about baseball? Wurth: I love pitching. I love being in control of every pitch. T1: What is your favorite memory involving the sport? Wurth: When I was 10 years old, I played for this all-star team in Pennsylvania and our starting pitcher got hurt, so I had to pitch. I pitched the rest of the game (all 7 innings) and threw more than 140 pitches, and we won. It was also the day before I moved to Florida, so it was my last game in Pennsylvania. T1: How often do you train? Wurth: During the season I lift and throw 6 days a week and during the off-season I lift and throw around 3-4 times a week. T1: What message would you give to any younger students who are thinking about playing college sports? Wurth: Get good grades. A higher GPA or test score can mean the difference between getting looks from different schools. It makes you more recruitable and a more well rounded prospect. You’re going to want to end your recruitment process with two things: an opportunity to play at the next level and no regrets. You may not be able to control the first thing- but there is nothing stopping you from leaving it all out there.