Shakespeare Week: What Fools these Mortals Must Be!

  • Finally all their work being showed off on stage. (Annika Polastek, Sophomore)
  • Midsummer Night's Dream was an amazing performance. (Annika Polastek, Sophomore)
  • A beautiful night show. (Annika Polastek, Sophomore)
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream became a Midwinter Night's Dream. (Annika Polastek, Sophomore)
  • This cake was to die for. (Sydney Aronberg, Junior)
  • All the actors performing live for us to see
  • Instead of stabbing each other, let's stab some cake. (Sydney Aronberg, Junior)
  • All the cakes being judged. What a bitter sweet moment. (Sydney Aronberg, Junior)
  • The stage was absolutely beautiful. (Annika Polastek, Sophomore)