Spotlight of the Week: Haydn Lemay

Spotlight of the Week: Haydn Lemay

Prom committee head Haydn Lemay holds up a poster for this year's prom: an Enchanted Evening. (via Tara Shecter, junior)

This week, Type One sat down with Haydn Lemay, the junior head of prom committee who has been extensively planning and coordinating this year's highly anticipated prom with the help of social science teacher Mrs. Rashbaum. Hadyn was selected last year through an application process to be this year's prom committee chair.  She was excited to tell us all about her experiences with prom planning this year and cannot wait for everyone to see all of prom committee's hard work come to life.

T1: What made you want to take on the role of prom committee head?

Haydn: I wanted to head prom committee because I have always loved event planning and am very organized.  Putting together such a large event seemed like the perfect job for me. Thinking of and executing a theme would let me use my creativity to give back to Pine Crest.


T1: Being head of prom committee can be a fun but stressful job. How has the experience been for you?

Haydn: Personally, I don't get stressed very easily. A lot of work goes into prom but most of it is fun! If you enjoy organizing, planning, decorating, and using your creativity, the job isn't very stressful at all!

T1: How much work goes into planning prom?

Haydn: A lot of work goes into planning an enjoyable prom night. Mrs. Rashbaum and I began planning this year's prom right after last year's. Hundreds of hours of meetings, phone calls, budgeting, and more go into making the night so special for all of the students.

T1: What is this year's theme and what is the inspiration behind it?

Haydn: This year's theme is enchanted forest. I wanted this year's prom to be beautiful and elegant. I thought that this theme would be great because we could have the gym overflowing with flowers, twinkly lights, etc. We made sure the theme didn't turn out childish but was still mystical and enchanted.

T1: What can Pine Crest students look forward to at prom this year, and what makes it unique?

Haydn: This year the gym will be overflowing with beautiful plants and flowers because of our theme: an Enchanted Evening. The gym will be transformed to a magical forest, but I can't give too much away. You'll have to wait until May 13th to see it all!

T1: What activities will students be able to do at prom besides dancing?

Haydn: My personal favorite stations at prom are the food stations. There will also be polaroid stations where you can take pictures with friends and casino tables.

T1: Can you describe some of the work you have had to do to plan prom?

Haydn: As head of the prom committee, I plan prom to the smallest detail.  I communicate with caterers, event planners, and decorators. I oversee the planning of the entire event and make sure everything comes together beautifully.

T1: How can someone get involved in prom committee?

Haydn: If you are a sophomore, you can apply to be the vice chair of prom and as a junior, you can apply for the committee head. As a junior, you can also sign up to be on the committee in the beginning of the year. The seniors cannot be involved in the committee because we want them to leave the planning to the juniors, so they can enjoy their senior prom.

T1: What would you say to anyone planning to get involved on prom committee?

Haydn: Do it! Being a part of the prom committee is fun and allows you to be creative. As a member of the committee, you get to see prom behind-the-scenes. You help the head of the committee brainstorm ideas and get to see those ideas executed on prom night. It is also fun to know the theme before everyone else, since we keep it a secret until prom nears.

After talking to Haydn, it is very clear that she is very dedicated to giving each student a magical night at prom this year on May 13. Pine Crest is lucky to have such a passionate and devoted person working behind the scenes who will help students have a fun and exciting prom night.