Spotlight of the Week: Valentina Pope

Spotlight of the Week: Valentina Pope

Valentina Pope was a returning performer at this year's Playing for Change concert in February 2017. (via Brittany Shore, senior)
This week on Type One, we sat down with Type One's own writer, an aspiring singer, sophomore Valentina Pope. Valentina has continuously been engaging in activities that allow her to share her passion and love for music with others, like musical theater and Playing for Change. Recently she auditioned for the popular singing show, The Voice. In our interview we not only learn about what it was like to audition for the show, but also why her passion for music is so strong.  T1: How did you get involved with singing? Valentina: I’ve been involved with singing ever since I was little. Specifically, I started when I was three years old, and I was in Disney and there was a show in front of the castle. I saw Belle about to perform, and I went on stage near her and said, “I want to sing,” and then she was like, “Wow ok.” When I began singing, I ended up having this huge voice that filled the whole stadium, and from that moment on, I knew that if I had the fearlessness to go up on stage that young, I wanted to sing for the rest of my life. T1: What are your favorite memories from singing?  Valentina: My favorite memories are when I sing the national anthem either in school or out of school. When everyone’s hands are on their hearts, I can really feel the patriotism that they have. And right before I sing, I can feel the emotion that people have for music. T1: What is your favorite accomplishment with singing? Valentina:  My favorite accomplishment is definitely auditioning for The Voice about two weeks ago. The whole experience has really motivated and inspired me. I really learned so much from that one experience, from going on a plane, to waiting in line for hours, and ultimately singing for the producer. It was really nerve-wrecking, but after I sang, it felt so good conquering my fears. T1: What have you learned from singing? Valentina: I have learned to be more confident, not only on stage, but throughout my life. I am actually more comfortable singing in front of hundreds of people, than I am saying my name in class. As I continue to sing, I become more confident throughout my life and all aspects of it. T1: Besides singing, is there anything else you enjoy doing?  Valentina: I really love fashion and I think my sense of fashion reflects the style of music I sing. I really love to travel, and my mom and I always take spontaneous trips to Europe and other places.
In early March, Valentina auditioned for the popular show, The Voice. (via Josephine Bonell, Valentina Pope's mom)
T1: What is your favorite quote?  Valentina: “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”-Bill Cosby T1: What is your favorite genre of music? Valentina: I love blues, jazz, and pop. I really connect with blues and jazz music because it is so soulful and very relatable, and when you listen to it you really feel their passion. T1: What three words would you use to describe yourself? Valentina: Courageous, graceful, and driven T1: Do you think that once you leave Pine Crest and go to college, you will continue singing? Valentina: Yes, singing is my passion and my dream, so I will never stop going for my dreams. Whether it’s for singing for a profession or just for the love of it, I will always continue. 1: Do you have any advice for aspiring singers? Valentina: If singing is truly your passion, don’t let anyone get in your way. People will try to pull you down and tell you you aren’t good enough, but rise above it, and you will succeed. Valentina plans to carry out her love for music even after high school and into her later life. She not only does it for the passion she has for music, but she also loves to share her gift with the world.