The Best Bites of South Florida: An Eating Experience

The Best Bites of South Florida: An Eating Experience

Good restaurants can be hard to find, especially in a place like South Florida that has so many to offer. (via @by_jordana/instagram)
South Florida is undoubtedly home to a diverse array of people who come from all over the world, speak a myriad of foreign languages, and share their cultures, traditions, as well as their heritage. While these factors may create a social divide in some places, the South Florida community easily overcomes this and joins together, especially when it comes to everyone’s favorite pastime: eating. From Boca Raton to Fort Lauderdale, check out this list of some of the best hidden eateries in our own community.  
  1. Raw Juce: Raw Juce is South Florida’s hot spot for all things cold-pressed and au-natural. This modernized juice bar serves a wide variety of colorful organic cold-pressed juices, smoothies, açai bowls, and other organic foods. With three locations in Boca Raton, Raw Juce is the perfect spot to go to if you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up. Its healthy options are a great way to start your day, and their foods and juices are sure to keep you energized throughout all of your daily activities.
  1. Relish & More: Relish & More, located in East Boca, is the perfect place for anyone with a sweet tooth looking for his or her next favorite treat. While the restaurant’s specialties are its unique burgers and homemade relishes, Relish & More has become famous around South Florida and social media outlets for its extravagant milkshake concoctions. With flavors ranging from Red Velvet and Cookies & Cream to White Chocolate Kit Kat and Mississippi Mud Pie, your palette will definitely be satisfied as soon as you take the first sip. If you stop by to taste some of their delicacies, you are sure to relish the moment and want to visit again.
  1. The Alchemist: The Alchemist is one of Fort Lauderdale’s hidden gem eateries. Located in Wilton Manors, the Alchemist is an outdoors garden café nestled within a gated artists' community that serves homemade coffee, blooming tea, and other small plates like avocado toast, salads, and sandwiches. Its range of healthy options in a relaxing atmosphere with excellent service makes The Alchemist is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a meal in the middle of a busy weekend. However, know that this small spot fills up quickly on a Saturday or Sunday morning; waiting for a table is definitely worth it once your see the café’s carefully crafted plating and rustic vibe.
  1. Press Gourmet Sandwiches: Located just down the street from Pine Crest School in East Fort Lauderdale, Press Gourmet Sandwiches is a fast, casual sandwich restaurant that serves pressed sandwiches as well as other appetizers like its famed mac-and-cheese ball. With a price range under $15, the menu items from PGS are a great way to eat gourmet without having to spend large sums of money. The restaurant, opened in 2015, is a hit among individuals and families of all ages due to its delicious food and its aroma, as well as the space’s casual ambiance.
  1. ChillN: ChillN is a localized ice cream store with a modern twist – all of its ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen. Due to this process, the ice cream is smoother because of smaller ice crystals, since liquid nitrogen is so cold and freezes so fast. At ChillN, customers pick an ice cream or yogurt base from one of the restaurant’s various flavors and mix-in toppings that will all be combined to create a revolutionary type of ice cream. ChillN has a location in Fort Lauderdale as well as four other South Florida locations. Visiting ChillN is a great way to learn about the different ways in which ice cream can be prepared and how its preparation makes a difference in taste and texture. Its mouthwatering flavors and delicious toppings are sure to bring you back.
  The next time you have trouble deciding where you want to go grab a quick bite in South Florida, visit one of these five places for an excellent eating experience that is sure to be remembered. Sources: Raw Juce, Relish & More, The Alchemist, Press Gourmet Sandwiches, ChillN Photo Source: @by_jordana via Raw Juce's Instagram