The Great Dilemma of Our Time: Lunch On-campus or Off-campus?

The Great Dilemma of Our Time: Lunch On-campus or Off-campus?

Sophomore Niles Booth enjoying his on-campus lunch (via Sydney Tacher, sophomore)
Lunch is an integral part of everyone's day; it is a time to fuel up for the remainder of the school day and socialize with friends.  Our cafeteria has many options that can fit just about any preference. However, when Pine Crest students become seniors, another exciting option opens up for lunch: seniors can eat off campus.  As long as they are back by the end of the lunch period, seniors have the ability to go wherever they desire to eat.  Senior Matthew Dardet said that he is more fond of off-campus lunch.  He said, "I like to go off campus for lunch occasionally, mostly when the [school] lunch is something I do not really like." When asked where, he responded, "The farthest away I would go is probably ten minutes, and there are a lot of good options close to school, so it's not a problem to find something."  Fellow senior, Sofia Caro, has actually never left campus for lunch before.  Caro said, "I have never gone off campus for lunch before; there's no reason to." She said that the cafeteria food is adequate, and going off campus is unnecessary.  Senior Simone Vreeland found it more practical to eat lunch on campus, but enjoys the occasional lunch away. She said, "Going off campus is a fun treat, [but] I love the food at school, so it just makes more sense to eat in the cafeteria." She agreed with Dardet that eating off campus can create a time crunch. "I always feel like I'm eating so fast and rushing to get back to school on time," Vreeland said.  Of the small sample size questioned about their dining preferences, for these students, both on-campus and off-campus lunch are good options to have. Our cafeteria undoubtably has plenty of delicious, nutritious options for those that do not have the option, or just do not desire to go off campus for lunch. Bon Appetite!