Winter Break Paradise: Where Do Pine Crest Students Want to Go?

Winter Break Paradise: Where Do Pine Crest Students Want to Go?

Winter break destinations most desired by PC students.
With winter break right around the corner, Pine Crest students fantasize about their dream vacation destinations. Over 400 students participated in the poll and the results are as follows… Graph of Students Dream Vacation Looks like plenty of Pine Crest students wish to be celebrating the holidays in the Big Apple. New York City was by far the most popular destination amongst participants and got 113 votes total. Following New York, the Swiss Alps obtained the second most votes (78), beating out Vail, another popular ski spot, with only 32 votes. Needless to say, students who favor a trip that includes skiing and snow would rather do so abroad. Although many would admit that Vail is definitely a hot spot over Pine Crest's illustrious Ski Break in February. Some students traded their winter coat and gloves for a hat and sunscreen in hopes of a relaxing trip to the beach after a long and tiring week of exams. About 70 students selected Fiji and 41 chose Hawaii as their dream vacations. Surprisingly, Paris and Los Angeles came in the last two spots. Forty students wished to fly to Paris, France on their vacation, a trip full of history and gorgeous architecture. Celebrities, museums, and sporting events are only a few things Los Angeles has to offer, but students weren’t too keen on picking it as their dream vacation as the City of Angels got an underwhelming 18 votes. Lastly, some students preferred staying home and celebrating the holidays with friends and family rather than visiting another city, state, or country. About 50 students felt that the best vacation for them is one that doesn’t require the hassle of traveling. Whether you fly half way across the world by plane or spend your vacation at home, winter break is a time to relieve stress and have fun with your loved ones—it doesn’t matter where you travel to do so.