The Day All Pranksters Have Been Awaiting


[ot-caption title=”The hilarious Sacha Baron Cohen fools Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars in 2012. (via shalomlife)” url=””]

It is March 31st, so that means that tomorrow is the first day of April, better known as April Fools’ Day. This day filled with laughter and fun allows people to transform into their inner goofball. A classic prank that everyone knows is the hand-in-warm-water-prank; although it may be funny to see your friend wet their bed, this joke definitely lacks creativity. From the unoriginal “Kick Me” sign taped on backs, to making an ancient “prank call,” April Fools’ Day is filled with the same, gimmicky tricks year after year.

However, there are others who choose to go all out and take April Fools’ day to the next level. A cruel prank consists of mayonnaise and glazed doughnuts; if the mayo is inserted in the doughnut correctly, it can be taken as a creme-filled doughnut. Others choose to confuse their classmates, and even teachers. Identical twins or triplets can switch classes at school and fool everyone by inheriting their siblings’ personality for the day. Last year Pine Crest’s Senior Class of 2014 pranked the entire school, by clogging the hallways with cups of water, inconveniencing the students to walk all the way around the building to the other staircases to get to class.

In the past few years, celebrities have unleashed their jokester sides to put maximum effort into their pranks. Actor and prankster, Brad Pitt, is very famous for his movies, but he also has a great talent of pulling off epic April Fools’ Day pranks. When filming for one of the Ocean’s Eleven movies, he convinced the whole cast to not look costar George Clooney in the eyes for an entire day of filming. Extremely confused at first, Clooney realized it was all a big joke when Pitt finally revealed his intentions.

Another celebrity who’s not just famous for their acting, Sacha Baron Cohen, is notorious for his humor and funny stunts. At the Oscars in 2012, Sacha walked the red carpet in his Dictator Aladeen costume from his movie The Dictator released earlier that year. Not only did he shock fans, but he also surprised Ryan Seacrest in the middle of an interview when Cohen doused him with fake ashes; Sacha Baron Cohen, staying in character, also claimed that they were the ashes of former North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. This was not Sacha’s only prank; at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, he interrupted Eminem’s performance dressed as his flamboyant character Brüno from his other movie Brüno from that year. Lowered onto the stage, he wrapped his legs around Eminem causing him to run off of the stage in shock.

Crazy past pranks like these have the whole world wondering what celebrities are planning to do for this year’s April Fools’ Day. Whatever pranks you chose to pull tomorrow, be sure to have fun. Don’t forget, when your prank succeeds, it’s not complete until you utter the two unforgettable words: “April Fools!”

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