Universal-izing the Freshman Class of 2019


[ot-caption title=”Brian Anderson, Aaron Bloch, David Radvany-Roth, and Madison Dearman having fun on the Universal trip (via Camila Piza, freshman).”]

On September 18, 2015, the class of 2019 embarked on a fun-filled trip to Universal in Orlando, Florida with the goal of team bonding. Even though the students left early in the morning, their spirits were high, and they were full of energy throughout the morning bus ride. Upon arrival to the parks, they received two-park passes and had the option of taking the newly built Hogwarts Express from park to park. Students from PC Boca and Fort Lauderdale spent the day bonding over thrilling roller coasters and other amusing activities at Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios.

Even though most kids have been to Universal with Pine Crest before, this was a different experience for them because they were able to spend time with their new friends from other schools and campuses. The students were able to ride Universal’s legendary roller coasters, such as the Dragon Challenge and Rip Ride Rockit, but many were disappointed with the Hulk being under construction. However, many students were excited to see Diagon Alley, the newest Harry Potter-themed installation to the resort, for the first time.

Jack Rizzo, who attended PC Fort Lauderdale in middle school, shares his thoughts on the trip and the day’s experiences; he exclaims, “It was a fun way to interact and get to know my classmates better by getting to spend all day with them. I also liked how we got to go to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in one day and experience the new rides they have. Even though the Hulk was closed, I still had a very fun day with my friends.” Julia Morrissey, who attend PC Boca, agrees with Jack and shares, “I thought the Orlando trip gave me and all my friends from Boca a chance to become friends with the kids from Fort Lauderdale. We bonded over roller coasters and shared some great memories!” Sarah Rodriguez, another freshman who attended PC Fort Lauderdale in middle school, says “My favorite part of the Orlando trip would probably be spending the day with some of my closest friends and going on fun rides together.” Overall, the class of 2019 had a great day in Universal, and they formed friendships with new peers that they will cherish forever.

After their tiresome and exciting day, the freshmen students and teachers boarded back onto the bus and returned home with everlasting memories. The freshmen may not have returned home with their voices (after screaming on rides), but they definitely are excited to go on their next adventure as a class!  The students are very lucky that Pine Crest offers such an amazing trip, and as Señora Fiallo states, “The students, administrators, chaperones,and other campus personnel all play a role in this event’s annual success and popularity.” When the freshmen returned to school the following Monday, if there had been any divide between the classes, it certainly vanished as the class appeared more united and closer with one another.