The Start of A New Era: Celebrity Sportswear


[ot-caption title=”The Adidas store’s attractive display of sportswear. (via, Graf Foto/wikimedia)”]

For years, celebrities and fashion moguls have focused their attention solely on luxury designers and apparel. Everyone loves to “strut their stuff,” walking up and down the streets, showing off their new and stylish outfits. However, the world of fashion has recently been turned upside down. The idea of comfort has become a major factor in the design of a new era of apparel; clothing you can actually live in. The fashion editor of Complex, Matthew Henson, hails it as “luxury sportswear.” Over the last year, more and more designers and celebrities have been collaborating with sportswear companies and even creating their own sportswear lines.

Raf Simons, a Belgian fashion designer currently the head designer for Dior, launched a brand new line of sports footwear with Adidas. Simons has forever been known for his bright colors, and has always stood out in a crowd of neutral tones. His latest collaboration with Adidas is no different. He hopes to combine the sport smarts of Adidas with his futuristic vision and penchant for clashing bright colors and unexpected changes. The Stan Smith style shoe, which has been around since the 1970’s, is making a huge comeback with its new rendition. Simons has replaced the three perforated lines on the side of the shoe with his own symbol, a perforated R. This symbolic design has attracted thousands back to the Stan Smith sneaker.  In addition to Simons, celebrity and fashion designer, Kanye West and Rita Ora, singer, have both launched collections with Adidas as well.

Actors and actresses, as well as designers, have stepped into the world of designing sportswear. Actress Kate Hudson created her own line of sportswear clothing: Fabletics. Proven to be high quality clothing for reasonable prices, Fabletics has people everywhere adoring her line of clothing because of its fashion-forward collections and flattering fit. Fabletics has even created a “perfect fit solution” by giving the buyer the ability to take an online lifestyle quiz online.  Based on your results, Fabletics will provide you with a list of suggested styles and apparel that will best suit you. Sports and fashion lovers everywhere are eagerly waiting to order Kate Hudson’s brilliant Fabletics clothing.

Whether it’s a new line of sneakers or apparel, one thing is for sure, designers and celebrities all over the globe are quickly moving into the line of sportswear. Celebrity sportswear gives designers the chance to express themselves in a new and innovative way, lining the walls of clothing and athletic stores everywhere. Make sure to try this trend for yourself this season before you fall behind on this new and comfortable fashion!

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