Florida’s “Winter” Weather


[ot-caption title=”Junior Danielle Obolevitch wearing some winter attire, in a navy blue sweater. (via, Brittany Shore/Junior)”]

As much as Floridians love to pretend that it’s acceptable to wear UGG boots and sweaters in the upcoming winter months, when the weather does go below 70 degrees, no one is really fooled. That all-too-familiar feeling of stickiness caused by humidity tends to set in, and it’s extremely unpleasant. The more hopeful among Florida residents buy coats and proudly drink copious amounts of warm Starbucks drinks, despite the excessive heat.

Even though some don’t want to admit it, a little part of most Floridians longs for at least a slight change in season, a chance to whip out their comfortable and cozy winter attire.   They want to be able to wear the hottest trends straight off the runways of New York and Paris, just like those up north.  And although the label of the season changes, it is always summer in Florida.  That is shown in a big way through clothing.  Clothing stores all of over Florida never seem to sell winter clothing because it’s too hot to wear.  It’s unfortunate, but it’s just the reality of living in Florida.  So, whether one likes the weather or not, it’s here to stay. It seems essential to take a break from the year-long summer that plagues these Florida residents–the same weather that those up North dream about. But the concept of “the grass being greener on the other side” or in this case, “the weather being cooler up North” subconsciously creeps into the minds of Floridians. Nevertheless, people just have to accept the constant frizzy hair and shove those thoughts away. Optimists think that if they practice these winter rituals, then the weather will hopefully follow; interestingly enough, it never seems to work.

Now, to be fair, Florida certainly undergoes some changes that occur as the “seasons” shift. Instead of 90-degree weather and 100 percent humidity, Floridians experience 65-degree weather and a small drop in the humidity as November begins to roll in. The skies get clearer and a darker shade of blue; all very drastic changes. Weather becomes the main topic of conversation because everyone is all too excited to see the first inklings of Florida winter. Oh, how glorious it is. While those up North are freezing, watching trees go from colorful masterpieces to bare, shoveling snow, and scowling down upon us, many Florida residents are prancing around at the beach, singing holiday songs, and posting screenshots of the mediocre temperature on various social media platforms. A “Florida Christmas” is one like no other.  Being able to go to the beach without catching frost bite at this time of the year is truly only a Florida thing.

It seems as if everyone who lives up North dreams to be in Florida, growing extremely annoyed at its residents who don’t have to walk around with winter coats on 24/7.   “Oh those Floridians! 65 degrees, are you kidding? Those were the temperatures in September here and they’re complaining about that being their record low!” Beneath all of the snide remarks, Floridians know they are just jealous because as the winter starts up North, large amounts of Snowbirds start flying down to enjoy the sandy beaches in December. The state of Florida, and especially in the city of Boca Raton, becomes packed with residents who are here for their 6 month winter stay.

All of the local news stations have a frenzy over the upcoming “cold fronts” and how everyone must prepare themselves for the below 65 degree weather, a rarity.  Schools allow dress down days in order for students to wear sweatpants and/or jeans to stay warm in the freezing weather. It’s odd how everyone is fine with Hawaii being warm in the winter, but they are perpetually irritated by Florida’s warm weather. Whether you’re here in Florida, up North, or anywhere else in the country, winter is a time of holidays, great memories, and for some, cold temperatures.