Artist of the Week: Rachel Mondshine

[ot-caption title=” Rachel Mondshine, a junior, is a student artist at Pine Crest School. (via Rachel Rutstein, junior)”]

Type One had the chance to interview one of Pine Crest’s own talented artists: Rachel Mondshine. She gave us the inside scoop on what drawing meant to her and all of the unique techniques she used to draw. She told us that she has been drawing ever since she was a little kid and even now continues to pursue her creative passion.

T1: How old were you when you started drawing?

Rachel: Ever since I can remember. I probably began around pre-k or kindergarten.

T1: What is your favorite thing to draw? Why?

Rachel: I really like doodling and drawing animals because it produces the most creative things. I don’t have to look at pictures or think that much to draw them.

T1: Who is your favorite artist?

Rachel: Monet

Rachel Mondshine "Donkey"

[ot-caption title=” Donkey (via Rachel Mondshine, junior)”]

T1: What influences your art?

Rachel: My art is influenced by my creativity and my mood at the time. It reflects what’s going on.

T1: Why do you enjoy drawing? What’s your favorite thing about it?

Rachel: I enjoy it because its just a fun thing to do, and it relieves stress. It’s a good thing to do besides school. To me, it’s a good outlet.

Rachel Mondshine "Orchids"

[ot-caption title=” Orchids (via Rachel Mondshine, junior)”]

T1: What is some important knowledge you’ve gained from art?

Rachel: I guess some important knowledge would be to just do what you feel you want to do. Don’t try to copy someone else, just start doing it, and you will find what your style is.

T1: How will you use art for the rest of your high school/career?

Rachel: I have taken two of the college AP art classes, and I might take seminar next year. In the future, I will probably try to take some art classes and have a creative job.

Rachel Mondshine "Slinky Head"

[ot-caption title=” Slinky Head (via Rachel Mondshine, junior)”]

T1: What is your biggest challenge when it comes to art?

Rachel: When I get stuck and can’t thing of what to do next presents a big challenge for me. However, I’m persistent and find something that I want to do.

T1: What is your biggest accomplishment with art?

Rachel: I guess just finding my own way of creating art is an accomplishment.

Rachel Mondshine "Scraptacular"

[ot-caption title=” Scraptacular (via Rachel Mondshine, junior)”]

T1: How would you describe your creative process?

Rachel: I usually just get an idea and then I start drawing and see where it takes me. I just let myself do it and don’t think about it that much.

T1: What are three words to describe yourself?

Rachel: Creative, expressive, and passionate.

T1: What do you hope people will take away from your work?

Rachel: I hope that they get a sense of  inspiration.

Rachel Mondshine "lion"

[ot-caption title=” Lion (via Rachel Mondshine, junior)”]