A Week In Review: PC’s Unique Homecoming Week


Jessi Gross, freshman

The seventh consecutive win for the PC football team ended Homecoming week in the best way possible.

Under the bright lights of the football field, students anxiously awaited the announcement of the winner of the Spirit Stick. After what seemed like a year, the announcer said “Congratulations to the Class of 2016,” which was followed by a rush of seniors running to the middle of the field, as they were finally able to claim the famed Spirit Stick after four years. Here is a week in review of Homecoming 2015, one of the most anticipated events of the school year.

After the College Fair and a full day of classes on Monday, students arrived to school full of spirit on Tuesday, dressed as different eras according to their grade level. The freshmen dressed as the future, the sophomores as the Greek and Roman era, the juniors as cavemen, and the seniors as hippies. After second period, the students participated in activities which included cereal struction, hallway decoration, and food games. In cereal struction, each class brought in cereal boxes and arranged them into a design, and after the event the boxes were donated to help feed the hungry. For hallway decorations, each grade covered every square inch of space in their respective subject wing’s hallway to compete to see whose was the most creative.  At the same time, students and teachers alike participated in food games, which were fun for everyone to watch. Tuesday also marked the end of the change wars, and it was later announced that around $5,300 was raised for charity through all the money donated.  Then, after seventh period, the upper schoolers reported to Stacy Auditorium to be introduced to this year’s Homecoming Court. After the day’s events, the seniors and juniors were tied for first place, followed by the sophomores, and then the freshmen.

On Wednesday morning, the upper school students came to school donning apparel of their favorite Disney characters- the seniors were Disney royalty, the juniors Disney villains, the sophomores Disney animals, and the freshmen Disney cartoons. After first period, the students reported to their respective class meetings to hear about the week’s activities as their class board inspired them to win the Spirit Stick. Later on, they went to the Stacy Gym to cheer on their classmates that competed in the indoor games and earn spirit points. Some of the activities included the three-legged race and the frozen t-shirt contest. The next morning, it was reported on PCTV that the juniors were in the lead, followed by the seniors, then the sophomores, with the freshmen still in last place.

On Thursday, the grade levels were as distinct as ever, with each grade wearing their class color. At the end of the day, the freshmen and sophomores faced off in an intense game of dodgeball, which the sophomores won almost immediately. At the same time, seniors and juniors participated in powder puff, which is when a team of girls play a fierce game of flag football. During the halftime of the game, boys from each grade level created a hilarious rendition of the halftime show, complete with themed attire and acrobatics. All the classes had amazing dances, but in the end the juniors’ routine was considered the best.  Throughout the entire game, students purchased Dippin’ Dots alongside the dunk tank, where students paid to dunk many of their favorite teachers, including Mr. Snyder, Ms. Carbonara, and Mr. Walters. Later that day, at 6:30 PM, the Playing for Chance concert took place in Stacy Auditorium. Each ticket cost $5 and all proceeds went to Girl Up and FundingArts Broward. The concert was an opportunity to earn spirit points for your class and listen to talented musicians and singers from the Upper School. After Thursday’s points were tallied up, the seniors were in first place, followed by the juniors, with the sophomores in third place, and the freshmen in fourth place.

Friday was a day of unparalleled school spirit with the entire pre-primary, Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School dressed in green and white. The student body reported to the Stacy Auditorium for the Hall of Fame Assembly, where the most successful student-athlete alumni were inducted into the Pine Crest Hall of Fame. The inductees included students who excelled at one sport, such as basketball for Brandon Knight, and swimming for Stephanie Eisenring and Joey Pedraza, as well as others who excelled at multiple sports, such as Jeff Pelage with basketball and track and field, and Ed Waite with basketball, football, and track and field. After the assembly, students attended the pep rally in Stacy Gym where certain members of each class had already decorated their section of the gym according to their class color. At the pep rally, the band played popular tunes while the cheerleaders performed their halftime routine and the hip hop club showed off their dancing skills. Each grade showed immense amounts of school spirit as they cheered for their cheerleaders and football players. After the school day ended, many students stayed after school for the football game, where the winner of the Spirit Stick would finally be announced.

After attending the StuCo tailgate, Pine Crest faculty, students, and alumni went to the field to support the senior cheerleaders, football players, team managers, and hydration specialists, who were escorted by their loved ones across the field to be honored. The Pine Crest football team was intent on continuing their six-game winning streak, and after the first half of the game, the Pine Crest Panthers were beating La Salle 34-7. Finally, it was halftime, and the Homecoming King, Colby Lathrop, and Homecoming Queen, Lynsey Garfinkel, were crowned. When it was announced that the seniors won the Spirit Stick, they sprinted to the middle of the field to claim their long-awaited prize. The next night was the Halloween-themed Homecoming dance, which was the perfect end to the very spirited week. Students from all grade levels danced with their friends to their favorite music and were treated to corn dogs, chicken tenders, french fries, and soda. No matter who won the Spirit Stick, Homecoming week was a great time for the entire Pine Crest community.