Seniors Get Spooky


Seniors Noah Sprosty (left), Ryan Graff (middle), and Matthew Merrigan (right) show their holiday spirit by dressing as a banana, a piece of bacon, and “Waldo”

[ot-caption title=”Seniors Noah Sprosty (left), Ryan Graff (middle), and Matthew Merrigan (right) show their holiday spirit by dressing as a banana, a piece of bacon, and Waldo.  (via Jason Kelman, junior)”]

On Thursday, October 29th, seniors were able to dress up in costume to celebrate Halloween. Although it was two days early, the seniors showed off their creativity by dressing in unique costumes.

The hallways were crowded with a diverse array of characters. Some seniors went the traditional route, dressing up as skeletons, vampires, and witches, but most seniors decided to get creative with their Halloween attire.

The underclassmen’s mouths watered when they passed Harrison Bernstein, Ryan Graff, and Noah Sprosty, in the halls, who were dressed as a hot dog, a piece of bacon, and a banana. During classes, many students were distracted, staring at those three costumes and counted down the seconds until their lunch periods.

Via Jason Kelman, junior

Pine Crest is a great place to learn, but apparently it is also a great place to campaign for a presidential election. Students were perplexed as to why democratic and republican front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were spending their Thursdays fishing for votes on a high school campus. However, it all made sense once Tyler Shevin and Ryan Engelhartd took off their presidential masks and revealed their true identities.

Throughout the day, Matthew Merrigan’s “Waldo” costume gave teachers confusion. Taking attendance in his classes was an extremely difficult task. Every teacher wondered, “Where’s Matthew?” as his red and white striped shirt was the perfect camouflage in almost every situation.

via Jason Kelman, junior
via Jason Kelman, junior

However, students did not have to look closely in order to see the animals stampeding through the hallways. While some seniors dressed as well-known animals, such as cats, dogs, and mice, others decided to find costumes of some of the more outlandish members of the animal kingdom. Senior Ginger Hollander decided to dress up as a flying squirrel, as she felt the creature truly exemplified her free spirit.

The seniors were not the only ones dressed up. Walking to class from the garage, one could see the lower school hallway flooded with little kids in little costumes of all kinds. Some teachers also decided to get in on the fun, as could be seen by Señora Fiallo’s witch costume. Although the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen were not allowed to dress up, they still had a ton of fun throughout the day observing the seniors. Now the only question left to be answered: Whose costume was the best?