Wrapped Up in Holiday Shopping


[ot-caption title=”Pine Crest students get into the true spirit of the holidays by donating toys to those less fortunate.  (via, Sydney Aronberg, Sophomore)”]

The holidays are upon us, which means the next few weeks will be filled with an endless loop of food, shopping, and parties. Even before they finish their third helping of stuffing, or devour the last slice of apple pie, consumers across the country begin plotting and scheming how to land the best gifts for their loved ones during the holiday season. Whether it’s the early hours of Black Friday, or holiday deals around Christmas time, this consumerism runs rampant in America, and sometimes it’s at a high cost. 

The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, has taken on a life of its own and become legendary for deals and discounts on everything from iPhones to sweaters.  Retailers everywhere roll out their best bargains in hopes of grabbing their chunk of consumers’ wallets. “Black Friday is my favorite day of the year to shop. Why pay full price when you can save seventy percent simply by setting your alarm for 3 A.M. and hitting the mall by 4 A.M.?,” says PC sophomore Leah Shulman.

But it is not all fun and games. In 2008, Black Friday took a gruesome turn at a Walmart on Long Island when a Walmart employee was trampled to death by a crowd of crazed shoppers. The death could be traced directly to the customers’ desire to save a few bucks on a new flat screen or score the latest toy to place under the tree. It was impossible to isolate one individual for the crime. Rather, it was the herd mentality of hundreds of shoppers which lead to the death.

Julia Morrissey, a Pine Crest freshman, shared her thoughts on holiday shopping. She explained, “I like to go holiday shopping for my family and friends because of all the great sales. Sometimes I find it stressful because the malls can get very busy and crowded.” But not everyone agrees with this theory. According to PC junior Max Rubinoff, “I would rather pay full price and take my time shopping for the perfect gift than deal with the madness at the mall.”

As the holidays approach, the shopping seems to accelerate, as everyone begins looking for the newest gadget and trendiest accessory to give to a loved one. The real action begins once the holidays get even closer. Those serial procrastinators are sent scurrying around stores with days, hours, or even minutes to spare, all looking to land the perfect gift at the perfect price.

Sometimes we get wrapped up in searching and stressing for the perfect gift when the best gift of all is right in front of us. Family and friends are the most cherished present of all. And unlike the newest iPhone, family lasts forever.  This holiday season, it is important to remember what the holidays are truly about.

Source: NY Daily News