Tatum vs. Tatum: Lip Sync Battle


[ot-caption title=”The couple are rivals on Lip Sync Battle on Spike. (via, Wikipedia)”]

Just recently, the Tatum couple decided to participate in the new show, Lip Sync Battle, based off of Jimmy Fallon’s Lip Sync skit. The show consists of celebrities performing lip-synced versions of their favorite songs and presenting them in amazing and entertaining performances.

The Tatums decided to perform their favorite pieces. Jenna Tatum dressed up as her husband’s character in the movie, Magic Mike, and danced similarly to how Channing Tatum danced in the film. Her experience as a professional dancer helped her mimic his routine perfectly, creating an entertaining and hilarious remake of Channing’s performance.

In retaliation, Channing Tatum, not letting his wife out-do him, dressed up as Beyoncé and performed “Run the World (Girls).” Also quite the performer, as he danced alongside his backup dancers he managed to act just as Beyoncé would if she was onstage. But then, in quite the show-stopping moment, the real Beyoncé appeared with an entourage of her own backup dancers and began to lip-sync with Channing.

Obviously, Jenna Tatum was impressed, as the camera then panned to her gob-smacked face as she watched her husband sing alongside Beyoncé, completely throwing Jenna’s performance out of the water.

This show has clearly added some competitive nature into the Tatum relationship, but both Channing and Jenna were proud of their significant other for having the courage to dance in such a outlandish manner. The Tatum vs. Tatum episode is certainly one to be put down in the Lip Sync Battle history books.

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