Golden Globes 2016: Best and Worst Dressed


[ot-caption title=”Jennifer Lawrence poses at the 2016 Golden Globes in a Dior gown. (via, Flickr, Jennifer Lawrence Films)”]

With a new year comes a new found sense of excitement: new goals, new experiences, and the prospect of starting with a clean slate. Along with a new year, comes the start to award season, starting off with the Golden Globes. While the Golden Globes’ main purpose is to award worthy nominees, that isn’t the only reason why this award show is so intriguing to viewers worldwide. It also kicks off award season’s best-and-worst-dressed lists, a chance for fashion enthusiasts to critique the New Year’s red carpet fashion. So, here’s the 2016 Golden Globes list of best and worst dressed.

Starting off on a positive note: la crème de la crème of celebrity looks. The first noteworthy celebrity ensemble is Jennifer Lawrence. J.Law was dressed in a bright red Dior evening gown. This outfit worked for many reasons.  It presents a harmonious collaboration that only Jennifer Lawrence and Dior can achieve. Lawrence is the face of the new Dior Addict Lipstick line and wears Dior quite frequently. The iconic, yet forward-thinking, house of Dior in association with the fresh-faced and down-to-earth Jennifer Lawrence is one of beauty. The elegant nature of Dior is shown through the tasteful cutouts and overhang on the top section of the dress, as well as, the sleek quality of the material, which gives the dress the perfect touch of glamour.

Next up is Amber Heard, in a wispy Gucci gown. This gown stood out because of the relevance it has to Gucci’s new era of 70’s style, under the brand’s new creative director Alessandro Michele. The gown managed to have pleats and 3D-style flowers, while remaining elegant, just like Heard herself. Not to mention, the frock has a sense of innocence due to the flowing quality and high neck, contrasting with the sea of plunging necklines.

Another show stopper was a structured Monique Lhuillier worn by Melissa Benoist.  Small floral and bird detailing on the structured, strapless gown created a playful effect. By pairing the dress with a shiny clutch and strappy heels, the ensemble came together flawlessly. This dress was seemingly simple, but stood out because it differentiated itself from the slew of solid colored dresses seen on the red carpet.

Now, for the worst dressed. Unexpectedly so, the first up on the worst dressed list is Jennifer Lopez. J.Lo (not to be confused with J.Law, of course) wore a Giambattista Valli Haute Couture dress, which was a very unfortunate shade of mustard yellow. As one can imagine, there have been countless memes popping up on the internet regarding the putrid shade. However, the color was not the only problem. There were too many design aspects going into the piece. The train, the cape (she looked a bit like little red riding hood), the exposed leg, to name a few, made the dress lack a sense of personality.

Cate Blanchett’s Givenchy Haute Couture dress was flat out gauche. The textures contrasted heavily with each other and the droopy nature of the fabric was very unflattering.  Based on the hairstyle worn by Blanchett, she seems to have been going for a 1920/30s, Great Gatsby era look.  However, the embroidery and loose pieces on the dress clashed with the length of the dress; as well as the white and pink color scheme, which made the dress demure.  A glamorous aura is very important for red carpet fashion to be successful, but, unfortunately, Cate Blanchett’s look was sub-par.

Last and certainly least is Julianne Moore in Tom Ford. The blue shimmer layered with the long sleeves and a scarf-like piece at the top revealed a horribly tacky side to the dress. It’s very risky to dress in head to toe reflective shimmer and this attempt proved unsuccessful.  While she stunned on the carpet last year for her role in Still Alice, the Moore elegance we all love just didn’t make it to this red carpet.

That sums up the list of best and worst dressed at the 2016 Golden Globes.  Now onto the next awards show: The Oscars!

Source: Vogue, Flickr, Hollywood Reporter