The H2O II Tour: Another Success

Hayley Marks

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Brad Paisley’s H2O II tour came to town on September 10th. Different from last year’s H20 tour, this time he brought with him two famous opening acts: Blake Shelton and Jerrod Neimann. Doors opened at 4:00 p.m., and since it is the H2O tour, from 4:00-7:00 there was a slip-n-slide and other water activities for everyone. The concert started at 7:00 with Jerrod Neimann and luckily there were clear skies throughout the night’s performances.  Blake Shelton performed all of his new songs, old songs, and even a Brittney Spears song. Finally, Brad Paisley took the stage and the crowd loved him. He sang songs off of his new album including “This is Country Music” and a few of his classics like “Ticks.” Since it was the night before September 11, Brad Paisley played a tribute to all of the people who lost their lives or loved ones on that day ten years ago. The entire crowd was moved by his tribute.

Towards the end of the show, Brad sang his current single “Remind Me” in which he collaborated with Carrie Underwood. Since she could not make it to the concert, there was a hologram of her singing her part of the song. Brad has done this in years past when his other collaborations could not attend the concert, and it is amazingly life-like. Senior Tiffany Thompson, who attended the concert, said that it was “amazing and Brad was a great entertainer on stage.” I know everyone who went to this year’s concert cannot wait for Brad Paisley to come to Florida again.