Artist of the Week: Jake Shapiro


[ot-caption title=” Jake Shapiro (via Rachel Rutstein, junior)”]

This week Type One interviewed Pine Crest’s own artist, Jake Shapiro. Jake gives us a little piece of what it’s like to be a sculptor at Pine Crest. Jake has been sculpting for many years now and is passionate about the subject, as shown through his talented pieces of art.

T1: How old were you when you started sculpting?

Jake: I guess you could say around 5, in kindergarten.

T1: What’s your favorite thing to sculpt? Why?

Jake: Usually plants or things from nature, just because I like doing detailed objects and plants usually have complex patterns.

T1: What influences your art?

Jake: I guess other artist’s styles. Also, Ms. Theoharris is an influence.

T1: Why do you enjoy sculpting? What’s your favorite thing about it?

Jake: I like it because it’s a break from the academic day. It’s something to do that is enjoyable and relaxing.

T1: What is your favorite memory?

Jake: Finishing my platter after working on it for six months, and it finally being fired.

T1: What is some important knowledge you’ve gained from art?

Jake: Art has helped me learn how to put my ideas on paper and into a concrete form. It has also taught me how to use different mediums.

T1: How will you use art for the rest of your high school career?

Jake: I use my skills in different projects for school and other things. Art really helps me think creatively.

Artwork by Jake Shapiro (via Tessa Gulley, Sophomore)

T1: Biggest challenge?

Jake: My biggest challenge would probably be getting my complex idea to be a reality.

T1: Biggest accomplishment?

Jake: I guess I would say my platter, the one I worked on for a long time.

T1: How would you describe your creative process?

Jake: Usually I think of an idea first, then I get inspired by something and then think of a way to bring it to life.

T1: What are three words to describe yourself?

Jake: Creative, persistent, persevering.

T1: What do you hope people will take away from your work?

Jake: I hope people will understand my different ideas.