Coachella: Music Festival or Fashion Week?


[ot-caption title="Coachella Music Festival. (via, senior Megan O'Brien)"]

[ot-caption title=”Seniors Ashby Bland and Megan Eisenfelder at Coachella Music Festival. (via Megan Eisenfelder, senior)”]

It’s that time of the year again. One of the most celebrated music festivals in the country has arrived. The Coachella Music Festival may be in the desert at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, but that doesn’t stop festival-goers from decking out in the newest trends and even retro throwbacks. The extravagant music festival not only features the best musicians in the world in various different genres, but also is known for showing off some of the most unique and up-and-coming fashion today and fads from decades ago to. Many say they go for the music and stay for the food, but today we’re looking for the fashion.


Enjoying the music on the lawn, senior Ashby Bland wore denim overalls while sporting braids and a pink bikini. (via Megan Eisenfelder, senior)

Every year, Coachella is flooded with various celebrities, tweeting and instagraming their way through the festival. The “Queen of Coachella” herself, Vanessa Hudgens, surely did not disappoint in the fashion department. On the first day, she rocked white denim overalls over a white laced brallette and a buttoned up blue denim shirt wrapped around her waist. She topped it all off with light brown boots, three staggering necklaces, and a round pair of sunglasses. Hudgens rocked it in the trend department, exemplifying various festival trends such as statement pieces, overalls, round sunglasses, and layering (in Hudgens’s case, jewelry).

Another A-list Coachella attendee that manages to grab the world’s attention with her fashion sense is Kendall Jenner. Kendall wore a lace, off-white dress on the second day. She wore a large, layered silver necklace, round sunglasses, with two buns on her head. As you can see, both Hudgens and Jenner, two huge celebrities, managed to cross fashion paths at the festival, as their outfits both included the color white, round sunglasses, and statement/layered jewelry.

Senior Megan Eisenfelder poses in front of Coachella’s famous balloon arch in a pair of Bohemian red and white shorts and a knit white crop top. (via Ashby Bland, senior)

Ashby Bland, a senior who attended Coachella, remarked that she saw many people wearing statement belts, hoop earrings, chains, brallettes, and sneakers with dresses. Some other trends were bandanas, crop tops, ripped jeans, statement head pieces, flash tattoos, and decorated nails. The Coachella Desert Valley seems to inspire creative and innovative ways of dressing.  An example of out-of-the-box-thinking was men wearing dresses. Maybe it will be the next big thing. Who knows?

Fans of this extravagant music festival are patiently waiting for what Weekend 2 has in store. Coachella never falls short of expectations, and I’m sure we will all be envious of those attending Weekend 2; yes, because they get to see performers like Ellie Goulding, G-Eazy, and Chainsmokers, but mostly because of the awesome outfits that they will be wearing.

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