Homecoming in September?


[ot-caption title=”Pine Crest Executive Board discusses its plans for this year’s homecoming. (via, Julia Engelhardt, sophomore)”]

It is that time of the year again. Homecoming is quickly approaching, but many students have been questioning the scheduling of the events.  Is it better to have homecoming in late September, or to keep it at a later date, as it has been in prior years?  To me, it makes no difference when homecoming is taking place; it just matters that we have it at all.

There are downsides to having homecoming early, however. First off, homecoming does not just happen. Student Council must work hours on end in order to plan everything from the daily activities, to the powderpuff game, and finally to the dance taking place on October 1st this year. In order to get everything done, planning had to begin in the first days of the school year. In addition, each grade has less time to plan their powderpuff dance, strategize for the powderpuff game, design its class shirts, and choreograph other various cheers in order to win the spirit stick.  Junior Jackie Rubin does not agree with the decision to have homecoming early.  “We get a break too early in the year.  I would rather it be later in October so the activities can be more Halloween related,” she said.

Director of Athletics, Jeff Johnson explains the reasoning onto why homecoming is so early this year.  “A committee reviews the potential dates for homecoming during the previous year once the football schedule comes out. Then we look at the home games that we were given, and then what weeks/weekends conflict with next year’s academic calendar, ACT’s, SAT’s, holidays, other events on campus, the master calendar, etc. This year was a challenging one, so it was decided that this week is the best option. Hopefully, doing it earlier this year should drive up school spirit sooner rather than later that will last throughout the year.”

It’s important to remember that homecoming is all about fun and competition.  With an earlier homecoming, communication and teamwork were encouraged from the start of the school year.  This promotion of early collaboration could prove beneficial to group work for later school related assignments.  Moreover, homecoming is before Halloween, allowing students to get more than one use out of their costumes.  This year, homecoming is on a long weekend, giving extra time to get back into the school mindset after three days without tests and quizzes.

All in all, it is a matter of opinion whether homecoming will be better this year than the last.  A Panther win in our homecoming football game would be fantastic whether it occurs in September, October, or November.  It is more important that everyone has a good time.  Good luck to everyone participating in events next week and may the best grade win the spirit stick!  Go PC!