The Creative Side of Homecoming


[ot-caption title=”quote. (via Rachel Rutstein, senior”]

[ot-caption title=”Two freshmen from the class of 2020 participating in sidewalk chalk. (via Rachel Rutstein, senior)”]

Every year during homecoming, students express their artistic abilities in various homecoming events, such as dress up days, cereal-struction, hallway decoration, and sidewalk chalk. These activities let students show off their creative sides by either making a costume to fit the day’s dress up theme, drawing pictures that are expressive of their grade’s theme, decorating a wing’s hallway to fit that theme, or using cereal boxes to make a structure out of what their class hopes to represent. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

How do homecoming activities, such as hallway decorations, sidewalk chalk, and cereal-struction, allow students to show their inner artist? This question was asked around campus to get a feel for how students believe their creative side takes charge during homecoming week. Freshman Jolie Shapiro says, “Homecoming activities allow you to be loud and spirited. The chance to dress up based on themes and make a costume based on what you like is a really fun opportunity.” Sophomore Gigi Cohen agreed that you can be artistic by “being able to get dressed up in whatever you like and be as enthusiastic and artistically spirited about it as you want.”[spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

All cereal boxes from Cerealstruction are donated to charity. (via Rachel Rutstein, senior)
All cereal boxes from Cerealstruction are donated to charity. (via Rachel Rutstein, senior)

As senior Henri Vrod explained, “All of these opportunities are great ways for people to get involved in artistic endeavors, whether they are usually participants or not.” These events mix school spirit and art, a combination that brings out the best in students.[spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

For students who do not take art, homecoming week lets them show the school what they have to offer, whether for spirit points or fun.  Junior Jack Bilello mentioned, “If you don’t take art, you never have the ability to show the school your artistic skills. By participating in homecoming activities such as hallway decorations, you are able to show that off to the school and collaborate with other artists and share your ideas.”[spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

During homecoming week, there is a creative vibe around campus, and students show their creativity through spirited activities. Homecoming is a time when students who are unable to participate in year-round art classes are able to express their artistic identity.  Although homecoming week may seem to be about earning spirit points, there really is a lot of creative work that goes on in each activity.