Best Moments of HoCo


Students from each grade show off their class colors. (via Sophie Glassman, junior)

[ot-caption title=”Some PC students repping their class colors” (via Sydney Aronberg, sophomore)”]

Homecoming 2016 was surely memorable.  With so many events taking place throughout the week, it can be hard to zero in on a single favorite.  Type One writers from each grade level described some of their favorite moments of homecoming week.[spacer height=”20px”]

Freshman Liza Goldstone:[spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

As a freshman new to the Fort Lauderdale campus, I was apprehensive yet enthusiastic about my very first homecoming week.  Arriving at school on Wednesday, the excitement was palpable.  I admired the extravagant movie-themed costumes of the students as well as their spirited attitudes.  When I walked up to the third floor, the ground was covered in chalk art.  From Nemo to Guy Fieri, the freshman class collectively utilized their creative talents to represent all things orange, earning numerous spirit points.   Beyond the embellished doors leading to the Language Wing, I became immersed in an orange haven.  From floor to ceiling, orange balloons and streamers lined the walls.  Afterward, the freshman participated in the food games— exhilarating but very messy.   Proudly sporting my orange class color, I swelled with pride, looking forward to the next three days of homecoming. [spacer height=”20px”]

Sophomore Nathaniel Selub:[spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

While every homecoming event brings its own unique sense of spirit, most Pine Crest students have a favorite, including me.  Out of all of last week’s events, the Powderpuff dance proved that it still deserves to be my number one. This year, every class put so much hard work and dedication into their dances, and it was easy to see that it paid off. I loved every grade’s spirit, and the immense sense of competition surrounding the event only added to the experience. To top it off, the sophomores finally managed to break the curse of the broken soundtrack and successfully passed it on to the juniors. Powderpuff 2016 was definitely a time to remember, and I can’t wait to see what next year’s dances have in store.[spacer height=”20px”]

Junior Hannah Saunders:[spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

The homecoming week events were nothing but fun and action-packed, leading up to the last activities at the pep rally before the big game. Friday afternoon, the four corners of Stacy Gym were each transformed into their own arenas, decorated festively in the colors of each class.  The bleachers were packed with students  wearing green and white from head to toe, coming together to build excitement and school spirit for later that day. All eyes were on the players as they spun themselves into giddiness in the dizzy bat relay, propelled themselves across the finish line during the scooter race, and energetically hopped until they popped in the balloon stomping event. Finally, the crowd cheered on contestants as they went neck-to neck in the hungry hungry hippo game, each team hungry for as many spirit points as they could get. The juniors were especially ravenous, having been in second place for spirit points last week and still fighting relentlessly to win the spirit stick. But the most important win that day was by the football team, bringing PC to victory yet again with a win against St. Andrew’s.[spacer height=”20px”]

Senior Owen Scrudders:[spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

This was a magical Homecoming Week for the seniors.  The Class of 2017 had not even come close to winning the spirit stick in previous years, but this year we came together and won it in dominating fashion.  The desire to be victorious simply could not be matched by the other classes.  The best part of the entire week was storming the field during halftime of the football game after the announcement that we had won the spirit stick. Nearly our entire grade was out on that field, jumping up and down in excitement, showing the pride we have in being a part of the class of 2017 and our love for one another.  The brilliant performance by the football team in a win over rival St. Andrew’s was the perfect way to cap off the best Homecoming Week ever.