Homecoming Week was a Football Frenzy


The seniors ultimately defeated the juniors in the powderpuff game.

[ot-caption title=”Seniors Samantha Meade and Alli Stilitsky chase down junior Tara Shecter with the ball. (via Rachel Rutstein, senior)”]

Homecoming is a tradition celebrated by several high schools across the nation, signifying the welcoming back of students to high school in the fall. Each year, Pine Crest hosts a homecoming football game to celebrate this occasion, during which the homecoming king and queen are crowned and the Spirit Stick is awarded to the class earning the most spirit points in activities, games, and other events throughout the week. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

On Thursday, the juniors and seniors went head to head in our annual Powderpuff game, a flag football game in which girl representatives from each of the two classes play against each other for spirit points. The seniors came out victorious, gaining extra points to help put their class on top in the running for the spirit stick. The final score was just 7-0 for the seniors, after seniors Amanda Anderson and Kylie Dicarolis scored a touchdown in overtime for the win. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

“It was super exhilarating and exciting to score and help get all of the spirit points for our grade, and being that it was a trick play with my best friend [Amanda Anderson] made it even better,” Kylie Dicarolis said.

On Friday, the Pine Crest Varsity Football team hosted its Homecoming game against Saint Andrew’s on Best Field. The festivities began with the pep rally at the end of the school day for students, where they were able to get pumped up for the game to come. The cheerleaders performed and the football players were also introduced. The tailgate at West Campus began at 5:00pm, followed by the game itself eventually starting at 8:00pm. After an initial delay due to bad weather that pushed back the start of the game about an hour, the Panthers persevered through the rain and were able to take home the win. The final score came out to 28-8 for Pine Crest, with the St. Andrew’s Scots only scoring during the third quarter. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

Hoco Football
The Panthers routed Saint Andrews 28-8 on Friday Night. (via Rachel Rutstein, senior)

Junior wide receiver Jordan Eskenazi was one of the Panthers’ top performers, running back a kick for a touchdown and catching a few passes. Quarterback Jordan Schulefand pushed through in the rain and posted solid numbers as well, and Sofia Caro also scored a touchdown. Caro made Pine Crest history as the first female to ever score a touchdown for the Panthers. The team’s best unit has undoubtedly been the defense. They allowed just two points in the last three games, with the Panthers allowing just one touchdown over that span on a pick-six. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

Coach Troy Harrison was satisfied with the win but still sees room for improvement. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

“We still have a lot of room to improve. We had a lot of penalties as a team on Homecoming. Offensively our skill position players need to do better.  King’s Academy and Benjamin School will be two of the best teams we face all season. They do not make many mistakes,” Coach Harrison said. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

These next few games in this mid-season stretch are definitely the most important for the Panthers, as Harrison referenced. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

While watching the game, you could feel the sense of school pride as students, alumni, and parents alike crowded together in the stands and along the sides of the field. Everyone was sporting green and white, from green tutus to hats to a wide variety of Pine Crest pep shirts. Several people were carrying umbrellas and hiding from the rain, but most students did not care and enjoyed the game no matter the weather. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

Coach Harrison spoke about how the players prepared and reacted that night. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

“It’s always hard to keep team focused on Homecoming with all the activities through the week. We did have some focus issues on Friday night after the delay. The atmosphere from the fans was great. Our team loves the loud noise and support,” Coach Harrison said. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

Spirits were high during the game despite the rain, and this win was huge for the Pine Crest Panthers and a great win in their season long quest to win the SFC championship. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

The Panthers, with their 4-1 record, are now preparing for their next game against King’s Academy on Friday, October 7th at 7:00pm on the road. Good luck to the football players in the rest of the season, and go Panthers! [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]