Chris Bosh’s Heat Career Screeches to a Halt


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Chris Bosh has enjoyed a terrific career, but it may be coming to an unanticipated end. (PHOTO: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

[ot-caption title=”Chris Bosh has enjoyed a terrific career, but it may be coming to an unanticipated end. (Via Maddie Meyer, Getty Images)”] [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

Chris Bosh was invincible, or at least it seemed that way until his recent physical. The 32-year-old basketball player has been a star on the court most of his professional life. He’s played for both the Toronto Raptors and the Miami Heat. The father of one is a 10-time NBA All Star and has numerous other honors to his name; however, it looks like his career might have come to a sudden end. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

In late September, rumors spread that Chris Bosh failed his physical that would have cleared him to begin pre-season training for the upcoming NBA season. To everyone’s surprise, the rumors were true and Bosh did not clear the physical. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

Bosh, a two-time champion and integral piece of the famed Heat’s ‘Big 3’, has had ongoing treatments for blood clots, the Miami Heat report. His failed physical leaves the Heat with a tough decision that only has one realistic option. The Heat’s official statement on the matter read, “The Miami Heat regrets that it remains unable to clear Chris to return to basketball activities.” [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

Miami brass seemed very pessimistic that he would ever be returning to basketball after this shocking news. They [Miami] “…increasingly believe that his career with the franchise is over.” The president of the team, Pat Riley, later shared that the Heat is not working towards the return of Bosh. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

The Heat have received a lot of criticism with regards to their handling of the matter. Even though Bosh will not return to basketball this season, the Heat have yet to cut him from the team. He is now planning for the outside chance of a return next season, although that will very likely not come in a Heat uniform. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

Chris Bosh was not happy about how his team responded to the news of his physical, according to USA Today.

In a five-part series on, Chris Bosh directed a documentary about the recent events with his health and role on the Miami Heat. In the fourth installment of the series, Rebuilt, Bosh shares his reactions to finding out the news through the media.

“I didn’t see my career in Miami ending like this…you don’t want to find things out through the media…it hurts,” Bosh said in the fourth installment.

Bosh states that upon hearing the news, he had “disbelief for a few seconds.” [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

His chance of returning to play anytime soon is minimal, but he is still hoping for the best. [spacer height=”20px”]

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