How Seniors Get Creative: Halloween Costumes 2016


Mikey Mattone dressed up as a pig in a blanket. (via Sydney Aronberg, junior)

[ot-caption title=”Senior Mikey Mattone is looking forward to enjoying Halloween with his friends. (via Sydney Aronberg/junior)”]

Even though Halloween happens to fall on a Monday this year, the seniors have still found a way to get into the Halloween spirit by wearing their costumes to school. Halloween is a holiday that gives children, teenagers, and adults the chance to take on a different persona and have a day to create a new identity for themselves.  At Pine Crest, the dress up day gives seniors a chance to get away from the stress of college applications and that last semester report card and allows them to exercise their imagination. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

This Monday, uniform skirts, shorts, and collared shirts will turn into superhero costumes and spooky outfits. Many seniors have decided to use this day to show their individuality through their costumes. Senior Daniel Dreval says, “Being able to dress up for Halloween this year allows me to express my freedom and creativity as a senior.” Dressing up gives students a sense of liberation from every day uniforms and presents the opportunity for seniors to get out of their comfort zone. One senior, Andres Soto, uses this dress up day to honor his inspirations. “Dressing up as my favorite TV character, Harvey Spector, helps me show the appreciation I have for the character’s values. This day helps me show others what I aspire to be,” Soto said. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

Halloween allows people to show a different side of themselves, one that can’t be seen underneath everyday attire. Senior Michael Mattone conveyed how dressing up allows him to to show his inner creativity, “I really enjoy dressing up in costumes and my own clothes at school because I think I’m super vibrant, and I like to show that side of myself through my clothing.” [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

As Halloween is thought of as a holiday for children, some seniors have found ways to incorporate their favorite childhood memories into their Halloween costumes. Isabella Faife said, “I’ve always been a huge fan of Disney characters so my boyfriend decided to be Mickey Mouse with me because that [Minnie] has always been a key figure in my life growing up.” Although Halloween may be seen as juvenile due to the “dressing up” aspect of the holiday, it allows people to reminisce on figures and events from their childhood. As for our seniors, this day allows them to revisit their childhood memories before they leave to start a new chapter of their lives in college. [spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]

Some seniors have decided to make cute and clever puns, while others want to keep it spooky.  Halloween allows the students here at Pine Crest to express their creativity, show their freedom, and exercise their imagination. Whether dressed as superheroes, TV characters, or childhood cartoons, many seniors use this day to de-stress and make fun memories with their friends. This dress up day is an important tradition for seniors, reminding us all that creativity comes in all forms.