Local Events: FAT Village Art Walk


[ot-caption title=”One of FAT village’s many painted walls. (via, Carly Schulman 11th grade)”]

The FAT (Flagler Arts and Technology) Village Art Walk takes place on the last Saturday of every month, except in December, at the FAT village Art District in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It is put together in order to encourage creativity and the community. Art Walk is a great event to attend to make Saturday nights a little more artsy. [spacer height=”20px”]

Not only is the art walk itself a fun experience, but the location sets it up for an even better time. FAT Village in Downtown Fort Lauderdale is the center of art, creativity, technology, and business. Artists, designers, filmmakers, and photographers who live in the village open their office doors to the public during the art walk. Each month the walk consists of art, performances, and food trucks that are set up around the area for people to enjoy. [spacer height=”20px”]

Going to the art walk is an enjoyable way to spice up your Saturday night with lots of cool experiences and many Pine Crest students have already started to attend the monthly event. [spacer height=”20px”]

“It has a great atmosphere and it’s a really fun place to be on a Saturday night,” said junior Andie Weinberg who attended the Art Walk last year. “There are all sorts of interesting people and cool things to see. There’s a really cool warehouse with props from all different movies and that was sick.”[spacer height=”20px”]

Every artist around FAT Village opens their studios for the public enjoyment of art. Their modern and unique styles of art are to be enjoyed by all that walk around on the art walk.[spacer height=”20px”]

“Fat Village is one of my favorite parts of the city,” junior Carly Schulman said. “It is truly the center of creativity and artistic innovation in Fort Lauderdale. What makes it so amazing is the diversity of the artists and how they all come together to form one great cohesive, collaborative community.  Because of Fat Village, I believe the local arts scene in Fort Lauderdale will continue to grow and grow.”[spacer height=”20px”]

FAT Village is a great place to gain a new experience in the world of creativity and indulge in the art of downtown Fort Lauderdale. The next “Art Walk” is on Saturday, November 26th. [spacer height=”20px”]