Travel Essentials: Holiday Vacation Edition


Deborah Ades, sophomore

Traveling with essentials is so important, especially at crowded airports during the holiday season.

Travel can be very stressful and unpredictable.  Therefore, everyone should be well prepared for anything and everything thrown in their way while traveling. To help with this, here’s a list of the absolute essentials that everybody should have with them before a plane ride, road trip, or bus ride.

1. Electronic Devices:

While traveling, plans may change very quickly, and travelers should have the proper means to communicate these changes with family and friends and stay up to date with their plans. Also, people can use devices such as laptops or tablets to do work or entertain themselves during travel.

2. Chargers:

Chargers are very important to bring while traveling, because if travel plans change, then travelers will have a way to keep their devices powered up. Portable chargers are the most convenient for travel, as they don’t even require an outlet, and can be charged prior to travel.

Sleeping masks, portable chargers, and over-the-counter medicines are must-haves for travel. Photo: Deborah Ades, sophomore

3. Over-the-Counter Medicines:

No one knows how they will feel while traveling and it is best to be prepared for the worst. Carrying over-the-counter medicines such as Advil or Tylenol ensures that, if need be, you will have something to take if you get sick while traveling, instead of scrambling to find the nearest kiosk.

4. Sleeping Masks:

Sleeping masks can be very helpful, especially in late or overnight flights, where the lights tend to stay on much longer than most travelers would like. With a sleeping mask, travelers can fall asleep easily in bright, noisy planes, cars, trains, and buses.

A good book can be the best way to pass time while traveling. Photo: Deborah Ades, sophomore

5. Books:

Many travelers are content with simply watching television or movies, but others prefer to do more productive things such as read books or do work. Being stuck on a plane or bus provides a perfect opportunity to catch up on schoolwork or read a book.

A good snack is always nice to have, just in case hunger strikes. Photo: Deborah Ades, sophomore

6. Headphones:

Many airlines have in-flight entertainment systems, and sell overpriced, low-quality headphones to use with their entertainment. Bringing headphones gives you the option to listen to music or watch television and movies to bide the time while traveling.

7. Snacks:

Everybody has been in an uncomfortable situation where they were super hungry, but had nothing to eat. To prevent this from occurring during travel, bring a small yet substantial snack to curb your hunger and give you energy. Some great snacks for travel include granola bars, pretzels, and trail mix.

The holidays are a wonderful time for family and friends from near and far to come together.  Easing the traveling process smoother will make the holidays even better.  Be sure to bring the items listed above for a relaxing and organized traveling experience.