What’s in Your Bag: Pine Crest Edition


Students all over campus use backpacks, not only for style, but also for function, as it has to hold all their schoolwork and school supplies. (via Jessi Gross, sophomore)

Alice Rau

Here at the Pine, students of all ages use different kinds of bags to carry their day-to-day materials as they travel between classes, extra curricular activities, and sports.  Some students use their backpacks to make personal statements, adding flair to a pragmatic, everyday item.  Here’s a look into how students not only fill their bags, but also make them unique.

Delaney Dardet, a freshman, was very eager to put her backpack on display. Everyday, so that she remembers to stay hydrated, Delaney carries her maroon S’well water bottle.  Delaney also carries around hand sanitizer, and as she puts it, “I am a complete germaphobe, so I have to have hand sanitizer in my bag at all times!  I am obsessed with the hand sanitizer by the brand Everyone, because it smells like peppermint and citrus.”  While Delaney would like to keep a sketchpad and snacks in her bag, she doesn’t have room because of all of the books she brings to school, although most of them “stay in my locker during the day so that my bag is not too heavy to lift.”  In addition to all of these supplies, Delaney uses an Estée Lauder makeup bag to keep her pencils all in one place.

Delaney Dardet’s backpack essentials (via Alice Rau, freshman).

Freshman Rayna Gordon loves for her bag to “have a certain aesthetic,” as she puts it.  Rayna is especially proud of her patterned binder, as she traced “every line of the binder’s original pattern in Sharpie.”  Rayna estimates this daunting task has taken her “at least two full hours.”  For a reason that even Rayna does not know, she always carries her old English books, such as The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, The Old Man and the Sea, and Antigone.  Rayna also, “of course” has a marble laptop case, which she bought because she loved the “aesthetic.”

Rayna Gordon’s backpack, laptop, and books (via Alice Rau, freshman).

Unlike the other two interviewees, freshman Justin Perelman insists that he has nothing in his backpack worth mentioning.  As Justin says, “I don’t have room to keep any objects of note in my bag, so I only stick to bringing school supplies with me.”  Justin’s most important objects in his bag are his pencil case, his Macbook Pro, and his copy of A Tale of Two Cities.

Justin Perlman’s backpack and school supplies (via Alice Rau, freshman).

There you have it: a look at what some PC students store in their bags.  These Pine Crest students love to use their bags both to set themselves apart and to simply get through the school day with their GPA’s intact.