7 Quick and Healthy Snack Recipes To Make For School


[ot-caption title=”Apple stacks and homemade granola bars are delicious sweet treats to take on the go. (via Jessi Gross/sophomore)”]

[spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]Throughout the day, students are always in search of a snack to tide them over between classes. Although the Student Store and Student Union are convenient, students may not may not be able to stop by during the day…especially if they’ve happened to max out their accounts. Luckily, there’s an easy and fun way to make snacks that are both healthy and delicious that can be made before school. The best part: they can be made in a few minutes and are perfectly portable for school.  Here are a few wholesome and easy-to-make snacks that are healthier alternatives to junk food favorites.

[spacer height=”5px” id=”3″]1. Apple Almond Butter Stacks

[spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]One option is a snack made from kitchen staples: apples, almond butter, and granola. Chef Mom’s Apple Almond Butter Stacks are a great source of protein, fiber, and vitamin C and best of all, it’s satisfying and filling.[spacer height=”20px”]

Recipe:[spacer height=”20px”]

-2 organic apples (preferably Fuji)[spacer height=”20px”]

-¼ cup creamy almond butter[spacer height=”20px”]

-¼ cup vanilla granola[spacer height=”20px”]

¼ cup of mini chocolate chips (if you want to add a little sweetness)[spacer height=”20px”]

For a look at how to make the scrumptious Apple Almond Butter Snacks, watch sophomore Mackenzie Manofsky’s video tutorial here:

[spacer height=”5px” id=”3″]2. Snack Bites

Recently, the raw and vegan food trend has become increasingly more popular in South Florida. This 6-ingredient recipe for Livvy from 86 Lemon’s Easy Snack Bites is a great healthy alternative to a cookie craving. [spacer height=”20px”]

Recipe: [spacer height=”20px”]

-1 cup raw sunflower seeds [spacer height=”20px”]

-½ cup raisins [spacer height=”20px”]

-½ cup unsweetened shredded coconut [spacer height=”20px”]

-2 tsp raw honey or raw agave nectar [spacer height=”20px”]

-2 tbsp. Cacao powder [spacer height=”20px”]

-¼ tsp. Salt [spacer height=”20px”]

3. Kale Chips[spacer height=”5px” id=”3″] 

Kale chips are easy to make and delicious to eat (via justgrimes, Flickr).

Potato chips are delicious, but a glance at the fat content will show that a healthy alternative is preferable. Modern Day Mom’s Kale Chips are a significantly healthier alternative that not only taste delicious with the sea salt and paprika, but also have an extremely small fat content compared to chips. [spacer height=”20px”]

Recipe [spacer height=”20px”]

-½ lb curly kale [spacer height=”20px”]

-2 tbsp. Olive oil [spacer height=”20px”]

-¼ tsp. Smoked paprika [spacer height=”20px”]

-½ tsp. Coarse sea salt [spacer height=”20px”]

4. Peanut Butter Granola Bars[spacer height=”5px” id=”3″]

These granola bars are perfect for a quick snack during the day (via jeffreyw, Flickr).

Protein-packed bars are a great snack to whip out during the day, and the Minimalist Baker’s Peanut Butter Granola Bars are the perfect ones. With only three ingredients, this sweet treat is wholesome and great to take on the go. [spacer height=”20px”]

Recipe [spacer height=”20px”]

-1 ½ cups date (pitted) [spacer height=”20px”]

-½ cup natural peanut butter [spacer height=”20px”]

-½ cup rolled oats [spacer height=”20px”]

5. No-Bake Zucchini Bread Granola Bites[spacer height=”5px” id=”3″]

Canadian food blogger, Cookin Canuck, created an all natural vegan granola recipe that has a hidden ingredient: zucchini. Her No-Bake Zucchini Bread Granola Bites only take 15 minutes to make and taste just like a granola bar. [spacer height=”20px”]

Recipe [spacer height=”20px”]

-1 ½ cup oats [spacer height=”20px”]

-⅓ cup sliced, chopped almonds [spacer height=”20px”]

-1 tbsp chia seeds [spacer height=”20px”]

-¾ cup almond butter [spacer height=”20px”]

-2 tbsp and 1 tsp honey or agave nectar [spacer height=”20px”]

-¼ tsp ground cinnamon [spacer height=”20px”]

-¾ cup (packed) grated zucchini [spacer height=”20px”]

6. Green Apple Fruit Leather[spacer height=”5px” id=”3″]

Normally, fruit leathers contain tons of sugar and preservatives. Oh My Veggies found a way to make this treat sugar-free, by using naturally sweet apples to add a hint of sweetness to her Sneaky Green Apple Fruit Leather. [spacer height=”20px”]

Recipe [spacer height=”20px”]

-6 small apples (fuji) peeled, cored, diced [spacer height=”20px”]

-½ cup water [spacer height=”20px”]

-½ tsp. Ground cinnamon [spacer height=”20px”]

-1 cup packed baby spinach [spacer height=”20px”]

7. Cranberry Orange Chex Mix[spacer height=”5px” id=”3″] 

Chex mix is the quintessential snack food for most students, but they are packed with unwanted preservatives and filled with white carbs. Look no further for a healthier Chex Mix alternative than Eating Richly’s Cranberry Orange Chex Mix recipe that will fulfill salty and sweet cravings. [spacer height=”20px”]

Recipe [spacer height=”20px”]

-¼ cup butter, melted [spacer height=”20px”]

-¼ cup packed brown sugar [spacer height=”20px”]

-¼ cup frozen orange juice concentrate [spacer height=”20px”]

-⅛ tsp ground cinnamon [spacer height=”20px”]

-⅛ tsp freshly grated nutmeg [spacer height=”20px”]

-9 cups assorted cereal squares [spacer height=”20px”]

-1 cup sliced almonds [spacer height=”20px”]

-½ cup dried cranberries [spacer height=”20px”]

[spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]Aside from being super quick to make, these snacks are also a fun activity to do with friends. These tasty treats will fulfill cravings, while also supplying the body with necessary nutrients. The best part is that these snacks are portable, so when hunger strikes at school, they’re easy to eat on-the-go in just a few bites.

[spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]Sources: Chef Mom, 86 Lemons, Modern Day Moms, Minimalist Baker, Cookin’ Canuck, Oh My Veggies, Eating Richly