Matt plays the bass and Delaney creates artwork. (via Julia Karten/sophomore)

Spotlight of the Week: Matt and Delaney Dardet

This week, Type One interviewed two of Pine Crest’s talents: Matt and Delaney Dardet.  Matt, a senior, tells of his experience with the bass and factors that have enabled his creativity.  His sister, Delaney, is a freshman who has shown passion through her artwork.  These creative outlets allow the Dardet siblings to express themselves in a way that words cannot convey.

Matt and Delaney got to share one year of high school together before Matt graduates in May. (via Julia Karten, sophomore)

T1: How old were you when you started doing art and playing the bass?

Matt: I started getting interested in music when I was in Grade 1 and played the cello, but then the year afterwards, I saw the light and took up the bass as my primary instrument.

Delaney: I displayed an interest in coloring and drawing when I was around three years old and continued throughout my childhood, but my love for art really took off when I was 13.

T1: Was the environment you grew up in what enabled you to both be so creative?

Matt: I would say that the home environment was supportive of what I wanted to do, but early music instructors at Pine Crest were the most helpful in terms of inspiring and enabling creativity.

Delaney: Our parents supplied us with all the necessary materials we needed to create, but they never forced any type of creative expression onto us. Whatever we decided to do was entirely self-driven, and our family continues to support us in our artistic endeavors.

T1: Delaney, what enables you to display passion through your artwork?

Delaney: My artwork is like my voice, in a way, so I often channel feelings and ideas I cannot put into words when creating art. My work allows me to take risks, which I believe adds a certain level of passion to the pieces I create.

T1: Being siblings, do you feel that you feed off of each other’s creativity?

Matt: Sort of, but really there is not much overlap because of the differentiation between each of our art forms.

Delaney: We are very supportive of each other’s creative endeavors, but we each have our personal paths and influences.

Matt began his musical endeavors in the first grade with the cello. (via Christine Dardet)

T1: What is your favorite quote?

Matt: “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” -Lao Tzu

Delaney: “Creativity takes courage.” -Henri Matisse

T1: What is some important knowledge you’ve gained from participating in art and music?

Delaney: I have learned how to see the world – how to notice and emphasize upon certain aspects of my surroundings that cannot be easily acknowledged by the average person. It has been said that becoming an artist is simply learning how to see, and I hold those words true to my experience as a growing artist.

Delaney is currently working on new pieces in her studio. (via Delaney Dardet, freshman)

T1: How will you use art and music for the rest of your high school/career?

Matt: I will most likely use music to remain occupied in an otherwise boring time and to prepare for musical opportunities at university.

Delaney: I plan on improving my skills and my breadth of work, as I am hoping to try out different facets of art like photography, sculpture, and passion.

T1: Matt, what is a goal you have for music?

Matt: Simply to play at maximum capacity whenever I perform, and to additionally retain interest in music as a means of meeting people and clearing the mind of everyday trivialities.

T1: What is your biggest accomplishment?

Matt: Performing as principal double bassist with the New World Symphony.

Delaney: My biggest accomplishment cannot be measured in terms of something I physically won or earned, but through my growth as an artist. The difference between my work one year ago and my work now is significant, and I would say my greatest feat is how much I’ve developed my skills.

T1: What are three words to describe yourself?

Matt: Eclectic, ruminative, round.

Delaney: Passionate, driven, lighthearted. 

T1: What do you hope people will take away from your work?

Matt: I hope that people will become inspired and walk away with the knowledge that music can be expressed regardless of individual origins or purported talent.

Delaney: My hope is that people will see my artwork and wonder. I want my pieces to evoke a sense of curiosity within the viewer – a feeling that causes them to question the process.

T1: Matt, where are you going to college?

Matt: I’m not entirely sure yet.

Matt can be found performing at many Pine Crest events. (via Jane Salembeni)

T1: Do you plan to continue art and music in college or throughout your life?

Matt: I will definitely continue playing music on the side during college and beyond.

Delaney: I don’t think I will be pursuing a career as an artist, but I will definitely continue to take classes in college and make paintings and drawings throughout the rest of my life.

The Dardet siblings have exhibited their dedication and love for both music and art throughout their Pine Crest experience.  Additionally, having been dedicated to art and music for the majority of their lives, Delaney and Matt are undoubtedly excited for what is to come in their creative futures.  The Pine Crest community is lucky to have the opportunity to view Delaney’s impassioned pieces and hear Matt’s voice through music.  Both of their creative forms allow people to hear and see messages that words cannot always express.

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