Spotlight of the Week: Sarah Rodriguez

Playing for Change Co-Chair

Playing for Change is a biannual concert featuring live music by Pine Crest students. Students demonstrate their musical talents and perform in front of a large audience all while helping an important cause that benefits the community. This year, the concert will take place on Wednesday, October 11th at 6 p.m in Stacy Auditorium.

Junior Sarah Rodriguez and senior Noa Weiner are this year’s chairs of the highly anticipated event; this week, Type One sat down with Sarah Rodriguez to find out more about Playing for Change and her involvement with the concert.


T1: What is your job as co-chair of Playing for Change?

Sarah: This being my first show as co-chair, my job has been learning how everything works behind the scenes in auditions and in the process of selecting a charity that we donate proceeds to. Noa and I organize the order of the show, select who will participate in it, and work on all of its technical aspects, such as microphones, amplifiers, and music.


T1: Where are the proceeds being donated this year?

Sarah: Direct Relief: a charity dedicated to hurricane relief efforts.


T1: What does this charity do, and why did you decide to pick this specific one?

Sarah: We decided to pick a charity that helps with relief efforts in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria because all of them have had a big impact on our country and in our own South Florida community. We also wanted to pick a charity that everyone can relate to, since we all experienced the effects of Hurricane Irma.


T1: What do you enjoy most about Playing for Change?

Sarah: I love the environment. Everyone who is a part of it is so supportive and always cheers each other on. The crew is extremely helpful, and the audience fuels everyone’s excitement. The performance atmosphere is one of the best, and it is a big reason why I love participating in each show.


T1: How long have you been involved in Playing for Change?

Sarah: I first started performing in Playing for Change my sophomore year and am so grateful to be a co-chair this year as a junior alongside Noa .


T1: What will you be singing this year for the concert?

Sarah: I will be singing “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele and playing the piano.


T1: What makes Playing for Change different than other concerts or events at Pine Crest?

Sarah: Playing for Change is a concert that unites the performers, the crew, and the audience to give back to the community. Everyone knows that they are making a difference with their music, which inspires them to go the extra mile with their performances.


T1: Why do you think Playing for Change draws such a large audience?

Sarah: Not only are you helping contribute to the community by attending, but you also get to watch talented students (and sometimes teachers) excel on stage. It is truly a performance like no other.


T1: How long have you been practicing for this concert?

Sarah: I have been working on the piece I plan on performing with my voice teacher for a couple months. We continue to perfect it as much as possible so it can be the best it can be for the performance at school. I have heard of several people performing this year who have also been working on their pieces for quite a while. Everyone involved is very excited to perform their incredible pieces. I am looking forward to a great show.


Last year, Noa Weiner gave her take on Playing for Change, and you can check it out here.

The concert is a student favorite event. This year, Playing for Change requests a suggested $5 donation at the door  help the Pine Crest community give back to those around us.