Miami Heat Look to Take One Step Closer in New Season


The NBA season is only a few days away, and Pine Crest students are abuzz with excitement for the Miami Heat to take the court once again.

Last year, the Heat started the season with a tough record of 11-30, but they were able to turn their season around. The group caught fire to obtain a second-half record of 30-11, finishing with an overall record of 41-41. Despite their late-season success, the Heat barely missed the playoffs. They ended the season as the ninth seed in the Eastern Conference, one spot short of the eighth seed needed to qualify for the playoffs. Now, the Heat return with an improved roster, hungry to contend for a playoff spot. Led by stars like Goran Dragić, Hassan Whiteside, and Dion Waiters, the upcoming season is sure to be a fun and exciting one.

There are many diehard Miami Heat fans at Pine Crest who are ready for the thrills of the new NBA season. Type One caught up with a few of them about their favorite NBA team.

Freshman Donovan Wu is a dedicated and passionate fan of the Heat. “I started watching basketball around the time that LeBron joined the Heat. I was a bandwagon fan at the time, but I’m still a huge fan today,” Donovan remarked. Now is a great time to be a Heat fan. The Heat sport a talented roster of star veterans and young players with high potential.

Donovan shared his favorite player. “I really like Okaro White,” he said. “He has an underdog story, and he is a really good defender. I’m excited to see what he can do with the team this year.”

He also spoke of what he was looking forward to for the Heat’s season. “I’m excited for them to make the playoffs,” Donovan boldly stated. “I’m also excited to see young players like Bam Adebayo develop throughout the season.” Hopefully, Donovan’s prediction proves to be true, and we’ll be seeing the Heat come playoff time.

Senior Benjamin Schwartz has been a fan of the Heat for his entire life. “I’ve been a Heat fan since the day I was born,” Benjamin said. “We’ve been season ticket holders for more than twenty years. I started following the Heat when I was five years old.” Benjamin certainly has a connection to the team that not many people share.

Considering how long he has been a fan, it’s only appropriate who Benjamin’s favorite player is. “My favorite player of all-time is D-Wade,” he said. “He was my idol growing up.”

Dwyane Wade is widely recognized as one of the best Heat players ever. He won three championships with the team before departing to join the Chicago Bulls last season. He now plays with the Cleveland Cavaliers, along with another former Heat superstar, LeBron James.

Naturally, Benjamin is super excited for the season. “The Heat went above all expectations and played really well last season,” Benjamin explained. “They have a fun, explosive group of talented players.”

The Heat tip off the season against the Orlando Magic on October 18. 

Photo Source: Keith Allison/Flickr