Spotlight of the Week: Ms. O’Brien

Senior class sponsor and science teacher


Bella Malaga

After a busy homecoming week, Type One sat down with senior class sponsor and science teacher, Ms. O’Brien. Throughout the course of the week, students celebrated their class spirit through a number of fun activities, thematic dress down days, and spirited assemblies all leading up to the football game on Friday, followed by the homecoming dance on Saturday.

T1: What responsibilities do you have as class sponsor?

Ms. O’Brien: My job is to organize the homecoming dance with the class board and make sure everything runs smoothly. I coordinate the homecoming court nominations, while all the activities throughout the week are run by students.


T1: When was homecoming week this year?

Ms. O’Brien: Homecoming week was October 9th through October 13th.


T1: What did you predict this homecoming for the seniors?

Ms. O’Brien: I thought it would be a roaring success. The senior class were in first place for spirit points at the beginning of the week, and I had full confidence that they would stay in the lead.


T1: In three words or less, how would you describe this year’s senior class?

Ms. O’Brien: Creative, organized, flexible. They’ve had to face a number of cancellations and delays this year, and I think it’s incredible how they’ve been able to stay positive about it.


T1: What was the theme for the homecoming dance?

Ms. O’Brien: The theme for the dance this year was Outer Space.


T1: How does this senior class compare to senior classes you have sponsored in past years?

Ms. O’Brien: I think this year’s senior class is exceptional. Their class board is really great at staying on top of things.


T1: Do you have any advice for the senior class as they experience their last homecoming?

Ms. O’Brien: High school goes by fast, so enjoy it while it lasts.


Thanks to the hard work and rigorous preparation by Ms. O’Brien and the student council, homecoming week was an undeniable success for the student body as a whole.