The Best Ways to Tackle Senior Year


The biggest part of a PC Senior’s life right now is filling out their applications (Photo via Wikimedia)

 After almost four years of high school, seniors across the country begin to shift their focus towards college and the next chapter of their life— or, more specifically, getting into college.

The 2017 college application process, like the many years before it, has become highly competitive. Millions of teenagers are competing for a limited number of spots at various universities. The process of choosing, applying, and anticipating acceptance to college comes with great challenges for seniors. On top of the overall pressure to prepare applications for deadlines and to overcome writer’s block to perfect essay drafts, seniors must also take their final rounds of standardized testing, keep up with extracurriculars, and maintain class grades. With so much to be done, the process can get overwhelming.

Each student has their own method for managing the heavy workload. Here are a few Pine Crest opinions on the best ways to help seniors achieve success during this time:

  1. With just a handful of days remaining before early admission deadlines, time management is key. Senior Isaac Leifert says, “I think it is important to set a schedule on Sunday night for the upcoming week before the chaos begins Monday morning.” “I divide up all of my responsibilities and give myself personal deadlines,” he adds.
  2. It is important to take a step back, devise a plan, and then put the plan into action. Taking the additional step of writing down your “to-do list” in a planner can be a great stress-reducer. Senior Sydney Aronberg explains, “I need to see my plan written down on paper. Because of this, I rarely get stressed.”
  3. Many temptations act as distractors for seniors. However, now is the time to stay focused and to not procrastinate. According to senior Jack Bilello, “There are so many fun things I may want to do, but I know the fun will still be there when I am done with all of my applications.” One of the main distractions is your cell phone. By eliminating this temptation and putting your cell phone in another room while you do your work, you will get work done much more efficiently.
  4. Once each day, take some time for yourself and do something that you really enjoy. Whether you spend thirty minutes watching Netflix, reading a book, or spending time with family, it is important to disconnect from the work and stress for a short period of time. Senior Tara Shecter says, “I will go for a quick run. Running gives me a chance to clear my mind, and I always feel energized after I am done.” Similarly, Leah Schulman believes that “a quick nap does the job.”

The college application process is a rite of passage. For years, seniors have endured this hectic time. It is important to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Soon, Pine Crest seniors will hit send, their application will be done, and they will be free to take a breath again. Once it is all over, it is important for seniors to celebrate and enjoy all that they have accomplished at Pine Crest.


Photo Source: Wikimedia