Las Olas Art Fair Supports Growing Fort Lauderdale Art Scene


The 30th Annual Las Olas Art Fair took place on October 21st and 22nd in Fort Lauderdale. (via Saumya Jain, junior)

This weekend Howard Alan Events hosted its 30th annual Art Fair on Las Olas Boulevard, which is known for its eclectic art galleries and assorted variety of restaurants and cafes. Taking place on October 21st and 22nd, 2017, the Las Olas Art Fair included a multitude of vendors, artists, and musicians who came from all around Florida like Royal Palm Beach, Plantation, and Venice to show their work.

Numerous people gathered on the street for this fair; attendees strolled downtown while snacking along the way since the fair took up almost the entire street. Not only is the artwork itself unique, but the location makes it even better; Las Olas is the perfect place to walk around and truly enjoy Fort Lauderdale. The restaurants were packed, the music was loud, and the weather was perfect. There was a variety of work on display aimed for kids and adults alike. Vendors displayed various types of art, jewelry, photography, and sculptures and set up their own stands on the street outside the restaurants. Some of the major artists there included David Sigel, Garry Seidel, Lori Kay Olling, and Sharon Segal. David Sigel has his own personal painting style which doesn’t involve brushes but instead thick paint. Garry Seidel, who started his career in the 1960s, displayed his photography skills. Lori Kay Olling is an award-winning jewelry who is known for her clean, simple designs. Sharon Segal is known for her vibrant artwork aimed more towards children. Junior Meghna Sharma attended the fair last time, and shared her insight on it: “The Las Olas Art Fair is honestly so fun. The art, jewelry, and photography is so amazing and the energy there is great. They have ice cream, popcorn, and cold drinks, so you don’t really feel the heat as much. I wasn’t able to go this one, but I will definitely try to go again next time. I know a lot of my friends don’t really know about it but everyone should really try to go or even just walk around or eat in the area.” 


This festival, which occurs three times a year, encourages creativity and supports the growing art scene in Florida. These types of fairs occur multiple times around the year in different nearby locations too; The FAT Village Center for the Arts also has art walks every month, and the next Las Olas Art Fairs are in January and March. The Las Olas Art Fair is a great place to gain a new look on art and see what else goes on in downtown Fort Lauderdale.