Spotlight of the Week: Jeff Johnson


Audrey Hollo

Mr. Johnson busy at work as he organizes athletic events for the year.

This week, Type One sat down with Jeff Johnson to get the inside scoop on his role as Pine Crest Athletic Director. He tells us more about the history behind Pine Crest’s athletic success and shows us all the things PC sports has to offer.


T1: How long have you been Pine Crest Athletic Director?

Jeff Johnson: I am in my 5th year as Athletic Director.


T1: How has your experience at Pine Crest been as the Athletic Director?

JJ: Great. It is an honor and privilege to serve in this capacity.


T1: What is your favorite part of being the Athletic Director at Pine Crest? What are your day-to-day tasks?

JJ: I enjoy the interaction with our student-athletes and coaches for all sports.  There is never a dull moment when you are responsible for 99 sports teams consisting of roughly 1200 student-athletes with over 200 coaches.  Every day is different.


T1: Can you tell us a brief history of the sports at Pine Crest?

JJ: Bill Munsey is known as the “founding father” of Pine Crest Athletics.  He was the school’s first Athletic Director and first Head Football Coach in 1954.  We have experienced a lot of success over the years as we have won state championships and have had many student-athletes move on to play in college, professionally, and at the Olympic level. There is a rich history of success that we are continuing to build upon.


T1: What is unique about the athletic staff at Pine Crest compared to other schools?

JJ: We operate like a college in many ways. The way we are structured, along with our tremendous resources, provide our staff and our student-athletes the best chance to achieve athletic success.


T1: How has the faculty interaction in sports impacted the teams (i.e. teachers getting involved, administration supporting teams, etc.)?

JJ: Faculty interaction and administration’s support have been significant over the past few years.  Our teams feel supported, which motivates them and boosts the overall morale of our school.  Everyone is proud and enthusiastic about Pine Crest Athletics.


T1: If you could coach any sports team which would it be?

JJ: Football is my background.  I am still the only undefeated coach in Pine Crest history as I never lost a game as the JV Head Football Coach in three seasons!


T1: Do you think that this year, in particular, has been different from others in regards to sports winning titles, team chemistry, etc.?

JJ: The only difference is number of district titles that we have won.  Interscholastic sports are cyclical, there are good years and bad years.  Sometimes everything just comes together.


T1: What can we expect for the winter sports, after experiencing such a prosperous fall season?

JJ: In our winter sports (basketball, soccer, girls weightlifting, crew, sailing),  it will be challenging to repeat the success that we have had in the fall sports season, but we will see!


T1: Which, if any, of our teams, do you think could make it to the state championship level this year?

JJ: This fall, our Girls Cross Country team is a favorite to win the state championship.  Our Girls Volleyball team is also rolling right now and has a chance.  We also have many individuals in Swimming/Diving who will win.  In terms of the winter and spring sports, we will see!


T1: What is the main message you would like to uphold in the Pine Crest athletic department?

JJ: The philosophy of the Athletic Department falls in line with our school’s mission statement.  We will always conduct ourselves with class, dignity, honor, and respect, while acting in good character.  Proud to be a Panther!


It is clear that Jeff Johnson is passionate about his work within the Pine Crest Athletics Department and loves to see students excel both inside and outside the classroom. We are excited to see how the upcoming sports season goes and cannot wait to cheer on our fellow peers as they strive for success.