9 Things to be Thankful For: American Edition


Library of Congress via Wikimedia Commons

Jean Leon Gerome Ferris’ The First Thanksgiving, allowing a glance into how the American tradition began.

It is a timeless American tradition to list the many things one is thankful for during this time of year. Things people are grateful for can vary from having food on their plate for every meal to having their favorite football team win the big game. No matter what people are thankful for, it is always important to appreciate what we have, especially when other people don’t get the same blessings.

Here are nine things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving as you gather around a table and feast on delicious homemade food, centered around the theme of America:

Freedom to Protest                                                                                                                  

We live in a country that affords us the right to protest when we are unhappy or neglected.

Freedom of the Press                                                                                                              

Our news stations have the power to take down predators and treasonous government officials without fear of retaliation. In Venezuela, for example, famous journalists have had to flee the country and look for asylum elsewhere due to their brave writings against their corrupt government. 

Access to Clean Drinking Water                                                                                                

At the Pine and in our community, we don’t have to worry about finding clean and safe drinking water. Other places in this country such as Flint, Michigan and Puerto Rico still do not have a clean water supply.

Freedom to Love!                                                                                                                             

There are so many countries where being queer is not only unaccepted but is also illegal and can be punished by the death penalty. Even if you yourself aren’t affected by this, be thankful that fellow citizens in the LGBTQ community do not have to deal with this discrimination. 

The Power of Impeachment                                                                                                     

Most countries do not have an impeachment process, and as a result, their government often does not work as smoothly as ours.

Access to Education                                                                                                                  

Women and girls in this country have equal access to education – so many girls around the world are not given that same chance at an education.

Rights Over Our Own Bodies                                                                                              

As of now, we have access to safe and legal abortion in this country, protecting women and granting autonomy. Women all around the world suffer the consequences of non-consensual relations and some do not have the options that we do in the United States.


Term limits and 4-year elections keep us from becoming ruled by a dictatorship.

Freedom of Speech                                                                                                                       

You can say anything you want, from your opinions to beliefs, without censorship from the government.

Photo Source: Library of Congress via Wikimedia Commons