Spotlight of the Week: Kennady Smith and Carly Schulman

The artists behind Pine Crest's newest panther mural


Kassidy Angelo

Kennady and Carly are excited and proud to share their "purrfect" panther mural with Pine Crest.

This week, Type One sat down with seniors Kennady Smith and Carly Schulman, two talented artists who recently painted a large mural on the wall outside of the fine arts building. Together, they shed some light on their mural and the complicated process behind its impressive creation.


T1: Why did you want to paint your mural?

Kennady Smith: Being seniors, we are close to moving on from PC. We thought it would be an amazing way to leave our mark on the school where we’ve spent 14 years of our lives at.


T1: What inspired your creation?

Carly Schulman: We were inspired by the murals at Wynwood Walls in Miami and by all of the creative people we are surrounded by at Pine Crest.


T1: How much time was put into painting the mural?

KS : We spent around 10 hours painting over a two-week period.


T1: How did the two of you collaborate on the mural?

CS: We collaborated by painting different sections at the same time and sharing our different ideas and perspectives with each other throughout the process.


T1: Can you explain the process behind painting the mural?

CS: First, we brainstormed ideas together and made sketches of our ideas. Then, we created a detailed design on Photoshop. We started the actual painting by first spray painting a rough sketch and then adding more and more detail as we went along.


T1: What were some challenges you faced while painting it?

CS: We had never painted anything this large before, so it was difficult to figure out the scale and how to paint so high up.


T1:What was your favorite part of creating the mural?

KS: Spending time together working on a collaborative project was really fun. Being artists, we don’t really get to work with others on projects, so it was great to work together to create something.  Creating the mural was truly unlike any art we had done before.  It’s amazing to be able to display our artwork in a place where everyone can enjoy it.


Kennady and Carly are just two of the many talented artists here at Pine Crest who love to share their passions with others in the school community. Type One cannot wait to see where their art takes them next; we wish them luck in the years to come.