Pixar Has New Films Lined Up


Pixar’s Toy Story 4 releases in June 2017, via Wikimedia Commons.

Many of Pixar’s classic movies are popular amongst all generations, so the sequels to some of these hit films have caused insurmountable excitement. Sneak peaks of these movies are evident on Youtube, and even those are racking up views rapidly.

The new Incredibles 2 is expected to be about Bob Parr, also known as Mr. Incredible, and how he is left to take care of his son, Jack-Jack, while his wife, Helen (Elastigirl), is out saving the world. Jack-Jack is a “jack of all trades,” highly super-powered with many different abilities. The movie will explore exactly what he can do, and will be coming out on June 15, 2018. With over 34 million views of its sneak peak, it is evident that this movie is highly anticipated by audiences, new and old alike.

Senior Indira Ramgolam has commented on her eagerness for the film, stating, “I’m very excited to see how Jack-Jack’s powers are incorporated into the new movie.”

Pixar is also coming out with another new film in 2019: Toy Story 4. The fact that there will be a fourth alongside the previous three Toy Story films has delighted many fans, who are happy to see the series continue.

Toy Story 4 is about Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s search for Bo Peep, who has been given away. This adventure has been based on the creative officer of Pixar, John Lasseter, and his wife. The love story of characters Woody and Bo Peep has been based on the couple, with Lasseter saying, “…It’s a very touching story inspired by my wife.” 

Both children and adults alike are thrilled for the release of these movies. Hopefully they will live up to everyone’s expectations, though this should be the case as Pixar has created many legendary films before.