Spotlight of the Week: Señora Guefen


Bella Malaga

Señora Guefen is all smiles at Pine Crest.

This week, Type One reached out to one of the four new teachers at Pine Crest: Señora Vivian Guefen. She spoke about her previous experiences teaching and her current experience teaching at PC, with regards to her colleagues and students.


Type One: What classes are you teaching this year?

Sra. Guefen: I am teaching Spanish II and Spanish II Honors.


T1: What were you doing before you came to Pine Crest this year?

Sra. Guefen: I was a high school teacher at NSU University School.


T1: Why did you decide to come to Pine Crest?

Sra. Guefen: I always wanted to work at Pine Crest!


T1: How are you enjoying Pine Crest thus far?

Sra. Guefen: I love it!


T1: In what ways does the Pine Crest community differ from your previous experiences?

Sra. Guefen: It is very similar, but especially similar to my experience teaching in San Diego, CA.


T1: What is your favorite part about Pine Crest?

Sra. Guefen: The camaraderie in my department. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful since the day I started. But, I also have to include the great relationships I have already cultivated with most of my students.


T1: What was your first impression of Pine Crest when starting this year?

Sra. Guefen: I felt at home, as if I had worked here already. It is very similar to my previous experience in California.


T1: Given that Pine Crest has so much to offer, have you been given any opportunities to help out with extra-curricular activities?

Sra. Guefen: Yes I have, but being a new faculty member, I decided to wait a little bit before exploring those areas.


As you can see, Señora Guefen has been enjoying her time at Pine Crest and has truly assimilated into the community. Here at Pine Crest, the quality of education is a top priority; it is because of our wonderful teachers and faculty members that our school is able to foster a community where students can thrive. We feel very lucky and excited to have Señora Guefen as a teacher this year and would like to thank her for sharing her passion with students.