Playing For Change Concert Supports MSD


Courtesy of Sarah Rodriguez

From left to right: sophomore Nikhil Narwani, junior Derek Pfeffer, senior Adam Cohen, junior Drew Morris, junior Daniel Bolja, and junior Mark Rozencwaig auditioning for Playing for Change.

“To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist,” said composer Robert Schumann.  

Two centuries later, his words still ring true.  Twice a year, Pine Crest students and faculty harness the power of music in order to do good for the community through the popular Playing for Change concerts.

Junior Hank Ingham shared his insight on the concert: “Playing for Change provides an opportunity for the student body as a whole to connect on a spiritual level through performing and listening to music.”

In the past, proceeds from Playing for Change have been donated to Girl Up, Funding Arts Broward, hurricane relief efforts, and many other organizations with admirable goals.  As auditions approach, students have taken time to not only perfect their songs but to also reflect on how charitable efforts can benefit those around them.

Junior Eve Rosenthal, who sang in the October Playing for Change concert, enjoys knowing that she is helping her community by doing what she loves most: making music.  

“Playing for Change is an extraordinary concert that I was honored to be a part of last semester,” she said.  “Noa [Weiner] and Sarah [Rodriguez] do an amazing job assembling extremely talented and varied performers in order to create the best show they possibly can.  This coming show in particular is extremely important because the proceeds are going to the victims of the MSD shooting.  It is so refreshing that after an indescribably horrible tragedy we can come together as a community and heal one another through music.”

This year’s spring Playing for Change concert will take place on March 20th and auditions will be held at 3 pm in the band room on March 5th and 7:30 am in the orchestra room on March 6th; the proceeds will benefit #MSDStrong.  

Playing for Change co-chair Sarah Rodriguez commented, “For this Playing for Change, Noa and I decided to donate the proceeds to the victims of the Stoneman Douglas shooting as the incident hit close to home for all of us.  I am very happy that we are able to do what we love, play music, and perform in honor of the victims.  It is crucial that we take every step possible to give back, and we are able to do that as a school through Playing for Change.  There will be amazing acts, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone shine on stage and come together as a community to support our friends at MSD!”