PCGLAX Supports Douglas, On and Off the Field


Zachary Shevin

Senior Tessa Gulley selling t-shirts outside of the ICI Library.

From on-field efforts to off-field fundraising, Pine Crest Girls’ Lacrosse team has been showing support for Marjory Stoneman Douglas.  When they play their home game against Douglas at 5p.m. tonight, they will do more of the same.

The girls have decided to meet before every home game with the opposing team. Senior Tara Shecter explained, “Before each home game this season, we create a circle of unity with the other team and take a moment to reflect and acknowledge the 17 victims and the ones still recovering from the shooting.  We just remind each other and everyone in the stands how lucky we are to have the opportunity to play the sport and live every day to the fullest because some people no longer have that chance.”

Caroline Adkins
The PC Panthers and Calvary Christian Eagles paying tribute to MSD before their game.

Senior Tessa Gulley added, “We decided to, along with the rest of the boys’ and girls’ lacrosse community, wear red ribbons on our cleat laces that have ‘MSD’ written on them.”

The team’s efforts have been effective in spreading love to Stoneman Douglas and throughout the lacrosse community.  In addition to what they’ve done on the lacrosse field, the girls have started a fundraiser. The team has been selling t-shirts, for $20 each, with all profits going toward the Douglas Victims’ Fund. The team will continue selling these shirts outside of the ICI Library all day today and will sell them at the game tonight.  

Julia Engelhardt
Senior Caroline Adkins supports MSD with a red ribbon on her cleat

Senior Caroline Adkins, who was instrumental in organizing the t-shirt sale, explained the initial fundraising idea and how it has grown over the past few weeks, saying, “The original idea we had was to make t-shirts for the lacrosse team to warm up in on the night of our Douglas game.  Then, we thought we could sell some to fans and give the profits to the Victims’ Fund.  Before we knew it, one small idea had exploded into a school-wide fundraiser, and it has been amazing to see how it has grown.  We know a lot of people have been looking for ways to help and show support for the Douglas community, and this is a great one.  Not only is it about the money, but it is about the visual statement we are trying to make.”

In a reference to the Douglas school motto, the shirt design, sent to the lacrosse team by Digital Media Production Department Director Mr. Burgess, reads, “Pine Crest is Positive, Passionate, Proud; We Soar with the Eagles #MSDStrong #FLAStrong.”  Students have been permitted to wear the official lacrosse MSD shirt and uniform bottoms, or any other burgundy and grey school attire with uniform bottoms, to school today and have been encouraged to attend the lacrosse game, which will take place at 5p.m., in order to send some much-needed love and support to our friends at Douglas. 

About tonight’s game, Caroline said, “I can’t wait to step out on the field tonight and to look up into the stands at a crowd decked out in these t-shirts. It will show the unity Pine Crest has as a community in standing with Douglas as they navigate this difficult time.  Of course we always want people to come out to our games, but this game means so much more than that.  Tonight, we are all on one big, powerful team.”

Tessa had similar things to say, adding, “For the game, I think I am most excited to see both Pine Crest and Douglas fans and players come together as one big community. We have all raised so much awareness about the issues of gun violence and have all been a part of the big support group Douglas needs right now, but we have not yet physically come together with the Douglas community to do this. I think it will be inspiring to watch two teams that normally rival against each other come together for a bigger purpose.”

The Pine Crest Girls Varsity Lacrosse team has vowed to show their support for Stoneman Douglas not only for tonight’s game but throughout the season.  They will continue wearing ribbons on their cleats on the field as well as meeting as a group before every game.

Come out to tonight’s game to show your support for the Pine Crest Panthers and the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas!