Spotlight of the Week: Mr. Brad Miller


This week, Type One sat down with Mr. Brad Miller, a world language and social science teacher in the Upper School. Mr. Miller is a new teacher this year, and shared some of his previous experiences as well as his favorite aspects of the Pine Crest community.


Type One: What classes do you teach this year?

Mr. Miller: I teach Latin I, Latin II, and AP World History.


T1: What do you like about these classes?

Miller: My students are all so passionate, active, and enthusiastic, which makes teaching

even more exciting.


T1: What was the most unique aspect of Pine Crest coming from another school?

Miller: The Pine Crest community is truly unique in that it consists of remarkable colleagues, an inspiring and wonderfully supportive administration, and students who will “run through a brick wall” to learn.


T1: What did you do before Pine Crest?

Miller: Before becoming a teacher at Pine Crest, I lived in Italy for many years. In Italy, I worked helping American students studying abroad.


T1: Outside of the classroom, what else are you involved in at Pine Crest?

Miller: Outside of teaching, I assist with the football team. I look forward to getting involved in other sports and activities next year.


T1: What advice would you like to give the students at Pine Crest?

Miller: I hope my students know how lucky they are to be in such a wonderful school. No one has it better than us.


Type One is excited to welcome Mr. Miller to the Pine Crest community, as he is an outstanding teacher greatly beloved by his Latin and World History students. Mr. Miller highlighted his appreciation for passionate and enthusiastic students, and it is clear that the reverse is also true. Dedicated and enthusiastic teachers like Mr. Miller make learning exciting, and we are eager to see what he does in the future.