Spotlight of the Week: Dr. Trish Stevens


Liza Goldstone

Dr. Trish Stevens leading a class.

This week, Type One sat down with Dr. Trish Stevens, a new chemistry teacher at Pine Crest. Dr. Stevens is originally from Ireland but has worked in many other places around the world. Her enthusiasm for Pine Crest and all of its wonderful opportunities have made an impression on her students and colleagues alike. In her interview, Dr. Stevens reflected on her experiences with the campus, students, and community thus far.


Type One: What classes are you teaching this year?

Dr. Stevens: Honors Chemistry, for both 9th and 10th graders, and AP Chemistry.


T1: What previous education do you have in science?

Dr. Stevens: I have a Bachelors from Queen’s University Belfast, a Masters from the University of Aberdeen, a Ph.D. from the University of Leeds, and my post-graduate work was at Cambridge University.


T1: What made you want to become a chemistry teacher?

Dr. Stevens: When I was doing my Ph.D. and post-grad work, I was responsible for a group of students at college. Working with them and working within the lab is when I found out that I enjoyed the teaching aspect of chemistry way more than actually working for the oil industry.


T1: How has it been being a new teacher at Pine Crest so far?

Dr. Stevens: I would say it has been a roller coaster ride. There are so many things here that you don’t know until you stumble over the fact that you don’t know them. I would say there have been so many ups; I really enjoy working with you guys. I think you guys are the reason that teachers teach at Pine Crest for so long and so few teachers leave the school. It’s because you guys are really special; you really want to work hard, you really wanna be the best that you can be, and you want to have fun when you do it.


T1: What was your first impression of Pine Crest when starting this year?

Dr. Stevens: I reflected on the quality of your buildings and the standard of your education; it was like a resort. Everything is so beautifully maintained, [the campus has] the most gorgeous buildings, the most gorgeous grounds, it’s kept so wonderfully, and it’s kept so clean.


T1: How has your experience in the United Kingdom and Ireland affected your teaching style?

Dr. Stevens: I think I have more of a global aspect; I see where chemistry is more [global]. I have also worked for the Oxford Cambridge registry and I’m a College Board reader as well. So, I see where you guys would be going in the future with chemistry.


It is clear that Dr. Stevens has enjoyed her first year teaching at Pine Crest. While she has global experience with teaching, nothing compares to the eager students, beautiful facilities, and award-worthy education at Pine Crest. We welcome Dr. Stevens into our community and appreciate her knowledge as a great addition to the Pine Crest faculty and family.