Sadie Hawkins: Dress and Dance to Remember


Rachel Snyder

The Sadie theme this year was dynamic duos and students came dressed in a variety of creative costumes.

When it comes to Sadie Hawkins week, the Panthers always pull out all the stops. While this year’s week was plagued with cold weather, Pine Crest students did not shy away from showing their spirit in the days leading up to the dance.

To kick off Spirit Week, students wore all green and white on Wednesday to show their school pride. Some kept it simple with a green T-shirt, while others were all decked out, sporting green and white beads, tutus, and face paint.

Thursday was the traditional generations dress when each grade represented a different age group. This day is a long-standing favorite among the students. Freshmen, being the youngest of the bunch, dressed up as babies, wearing onesies and bonnets and even using pacifiers. The sophomores did not need to change much to dress as teenagers, although some creative looks included frat boys and rebellious rockers. The juniors dressed up as adults, some appearing to be rushing to work, while others were on their way to tennis. And, finally, the seniors represented the appropriately-named senior citizen age group. All day, grandmas and grandpas with canes and walkers seemed to be tottering around the school, which made the seniors especially spirited on this day.

As the countdown continued to the much-anticipated Sadie Hawkins Dance, there was one more day where students had the opportunity to show their spirit: Dynamic Duo dress on Friday. On this day, students had the opportunity to pair up with a friend and dress as iconic pairs like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Mario and Luigi, Thing One and Thing Two and many, many more. Although this day was rather hectic (a half day with most sophomores taking the Mock ACT exam), the students were not deterred from going all out on the final day of Spirit Week and were able to come up with some extremely clever and creative outfits.

Rachel Snyder
Student band Neon Bull debuted their original song, “Fallin’ for You,” at Sadie.

The Saint Patrick’s Day themed Sadie Dance was a huge success. Students came back to school at 6 pm to enjoy live music, performed by student band Neon Bull, and delicious food from PDQ.

The Sadie Hawkins Dance is a tradition in the United States and Canada based off of a cartoon character by that name. It breaks the tradition of boys asking girls to the dance and has become extremely popular in recent years. This rather informal event allows students to let loose in the midst of the stress of school and to just enjoy each other’s company. The dance at Pine Crest was a resounding success this year and we can’t wait for what’s to come in 2019!

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