Spotlight of the Week: Alex Giorno

2018 Prom Committee Chair


Pedro Damasceno

Alex is all smiles this prom season!

This week, Type One reached out to junior Alex Giorno, the 2018 Prom Chair who has been extremely busy with planning this year’s prom alongside social science teacher Mrs. Rashbaum. Alex was eager to share the responsibilities that come with coordinating all that prom entails, her favorite parts of the demanding job, and what students should look forward to at the student-favorite dance this year.


Type One: How did you first get involved with the prom committee?

Alex Giorno: I applied to be Vice Prom Chair last year and was selected. This position allowed me to gain experience throughout last years’ prom process. It helped me learn what planning needs to occur, especially the month before prom.


T1: What is this year’s prom theme and how was it selected?

AG: This year’s prom theme is still a secret, but it will soon be revealed. Over the summer, I came up with a long list of prom ideas. At our first meeting, the prom committee voiced their opinions and we narrowed it down to three themes. We held a vote for the final prom theme, and then began planning.


T1: What are your main responsibilities as Prom Chair?

AG: As Prom Chair, it is my responsibility to select the theme, contact companies that we hire for the night, request contracts, help design the layout, and help organize any other small details.


T1: What is the most challenging aspect of planning prom?

AG: The hardest part of planning prom is pulling everything together in the end making sure all of the small details go as planned.


T1: What is the most enjoyable part planning prom?

AG: My favorite part of planning prom is seeing layouts of the gym compared to the end result. The ability to see the prom committee’s vision on paper and turn into a reality it really incredible.


T1: What is unique about this year’s prom?

AG: Prom this year is unlike the past two proms, as the theme is very unique and not what people typically expect for prom.


T1: What activities can students look forward to at this year’s prom?

AG: Overall, prom is definitely something to look forward to this year. I think that people should especially look forward to the photo opportunities and the food this year.


T1: How can Pine Crest students get involved with the prom committee?

AG: In the beginning of the year, a prom committee is created by the Prom Chair to help make decisions, give feedback, and brainstorm ideas for details for prom.


Alex and the rest of the prom committee are working tirelessly to plan an exciting night of dancing and other special activities for May 19th. Students and teachers alike at Pine Crest are looking forward to the prom theme reveal and the days leading up to the amazing night. Here at Type One, we are excited to see the final product as the prom committee’s meticulous planning turns into a memorable evening.