“Love, Simon”: A Groundbreaking and Endearing Film



“Love, Simon” is the first gay romantic comedy film from a major studio.

In the opening scene of Fox 2000 Pictures’ new release Love, Simon, the titular protagonist guides viewers around his comfortable, ordinary suburban life.  “I’m just like you,” he proclaims.  “For the most part, my life is totally normal.”  In the middle of his self-introduction, Simon reveals his most well-kept secret: he is gay. 

Fans of Becky Albertalli’s debut novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda rejoiced upon the announcement of its adaptation into a movie – from a major studio, no less.  Both the book and film narrate the experiences of sixteen-year-old Simon Spier as he navigates the uncharted waters of high school life, embarking on a journey surely familiar to many.  As Simon contemplates the best way to come out to his parents, a friend’s remark compels him to disclose his sexuality to an anonymous classmate, catalyzing a series of events that culminates in a heartwarming, romantic moment.

Critics and moviegoers have praised Love, Simon for its humor, visual appeal, and nuanced acting.  Nick Robinson portrays Simon with endearing awkwardness and sensitivity.  The other cast members bring a delightful mélange of personalities to the table as they become more entangled in Simon’s plight.

The movie itself has all the polished charm of any mainstream teen romance, but its subject matter is what distinguishes it as truly groundbreaking.  Love, Simon is the first gay romantic comedy film from a major studio.  In the past, the principal role of LGBTQ+ characters in movies aimed at teens – if they even existed –  was usually to act as a comic accessory or a repository of fashion advice. But Simon is no mere sidekick.  “I deserve a great love story,” he declares, and the movie is utterly and irrevocably his own.

Love, Simon is a finely wrought example of growing queer representation in the film industry.  On the heels of substantial advances in LGBTQ+ rights, characters like Simon are more important than ever.  Individuals of any age grappling with their identities can take heart in Simon’s uplifting path of self-discovery.

Simon Spier is many things.  He is outgoing, inquisitive, uncertain – and, yes, he is gay.  But most importantly, he is human. At its core, Love, Simon is a thoughtful and candid exploration of adolescence that is sure to captivate viewers again and again.

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Photo Source: Pixabay